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JAP is free anonymizer software which makes possible to surf internet anonymously, without getting observed. If you have JAP anonymizer installed on your computer, and you try to connect to internet, JAP first connects you to an intermediary server, and then can take you to several other intermediaries, before connecting you to the final website. This ensures that the website never actually comes to know which was the originating IP that sent the request.

Generally every computer using internet that has traceable address, which makes it possible to determine which particular computer visited website from specific computer. Also you can read the information that user called for if it’s not encrypted. With JAP proxy server, it uses single static address which is used by many JAP users so that no eavesdropper or website visited ca n determine as who visited which website. If you want to block unwanted website, you can also try FamilyShield, or another free anonymizer.


JAP uses sequences of encryption Mixes which do not connects you directly to the web server instead connects you to various intermediaries called Mixes. There are predetermined sequences for Mixes and such sequences of linked mixes are called Mix Cascade. You can also choose various mix cascades. When you use JAP, it will register you with first mix station of the chosen mix cascade. There prevails permanent connection between JAP and first mix station until you go log off.

Here are the components of JAP Architecture:

  1. JAP client program in your computer which requires installation
  2. Mixes anonymizing intermediaries which mixes data streams of the users in the network
  3. Info service– it provides information on the mix cascades like number of users in the cascade, available mix cascades, and load on mix provider.

How to Use JAP Anonymizer:

After installation JAP in your system, whenever you logon to your web browser, your data packets are first sent to JAP instead of ISP. It encrypts the data and send it to first mix station in your mix cascade, which mixes your data with other users using same station. Then it send data to other mix station which decrypts data and send data to internet with the help of cache proxy.

The encryption process is very important to maintain your privacy. It uses cryptographic operations to encrypt your data which is readable only to one mix station only when your data packets reach that station in proper manner. And thus, anyone from outside like eavesdropper will not be in the position to determine your data contents or the sender of the packets. Another product made on JAP architecture is JonDonyn Anonymous.

Since JAP is a research project, it’s constantly moving and developing. That’s why, when you connect to JAP client program it first connect you with InfoService for its version check. If the version of the program is no longer compatible with software mix, the user is automatically offered program update to make it compatible with the program.

If you are a parent, make sure you also use a parental control software to ensure your kids are not navigating to some unwanted websites.

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