JonDonyn Anonymous – Browse Anonymously Without Leaving a Trace

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JonDonyn Anonymous Proxy (also known as JonDo) is a free software to browse web anonymously. In order to browse anonymously, you need to download a small application called JonDo. You can make use of JonDo on various platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

How does JonDo Anonymous Browing works?

When you surf on the internet, your IP address is exposed to your ISPs (Internet Service Providers), advertising services, hackers and malware infected websites. With JonDonym, all the users present on the network appear with same IP address. The proxy server technology of JonDonym anonymous encrypts the data and processes it such a way that your internet activities are kept untraceable even from anonymization service providers.

If you do not feel a need to anonymize yourself, but want safer web browsing, try Comodo Dragon Browser.

Features of JonDonym Anonymous:

  1. It is a free application that lets you browse and do any activity on the internet anonymously.
  2. Applications like web browsers, instant messaging, FTP programs, SSH programs, Email Clients can be configured for JonDo.
  3. Your IP address is kept anonymous. All data such as your internet provider, internet access technology, the place from where you are surfing, and how long you have been surfing on the net.
  4. Data thieves and computer hackers will not be able to track your activities. It saves your sensitive information such as passwords, banking and personal details from getting hacked.
  5. Your business competitors will never come to know about your business plan and actions of your company.
  6. It helps in blocking access to specific web sites.
  7. Most search engines provide you with customized content and search results by tracking your browsing habits. With JonDo, you will
  8. The IP address contains much information about your organization. Online-investigators such as police can fetch information about you and your organization. JonDonym will help you keep your browsing information secret and safe.
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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux
Free/Paid: Free

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