FamilyShield: Install Software on Modem to Block Unwanted Websites

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FamilyShields is free parental control software to protect your kids from website which are not meant for them. There is no need to install software for this job. Just install FamilyShields on your router and protects all the phases that use connection from the router like Xbox, Wii and also cell phones. Your kids are safe online and you stress free when they are alone at home while you away at your work.

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FamilyShields protects all the device that are connected with internet and thus your task gets easier to install it to each time where you want. It’s one time-place solution for your kids. It constantly updates and blocks the adult website to reach your computer. This updating and blocking is done 24×7.

FamilyShields comes with in-built security devices which protect your system not only from unwanted websites but also from malware and phishing sites.

It is trusted around the world by number of people. FamilyShields also blocks proxy and anonymizer sites commonly used by some intelligent kids to surpass web filters. It also cuts down use of SSL proxy sites. And if you like more- you can customize blocking of types of sites, see reports on how your family using internet.

The best part of using FamilyShields is you don’t require installing any kind of software and similarly updating them again and again. It is placed on your router and things are sorted for you. It has all the parental controls that you require to keep the sites away from your PC which involve adult contents or are unwanted.

FamilyShields makes it quite easy to install this parental control software on your modem. When you go the website, you are provided a step by step guide based on the brand of your modem. So, it takes all the guesswork out of it.

Some other parental control software that we reviewed earlier include Windows Live Family Safety, OnlineFamily.Norton, and KidZui.

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