Fun Racing Game For Windows 10: Smash Cops Heat

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Smash Cops Heat is a fun racing game app for Windows 10 where you have to smash the cars of felons. You play as a cop who has to control the car via touch controls. You can also choose to do so via mouse controls. When you click behind the car, the car starts accelerating for as long as you hold the left mouse click. The car stops or comes to a halt when you let go of the mouse click. When you click and drag the left mouse click towards the left or the right, the car turns left or right and so on.

Smash Cops Heat is available for free from the Windows App Store.

The main features of Smash Cops Heat for Windows 10…

Running the game presents you with the below interface.Smash Cops Heat main screen
Simply click PLAY in the screen above and you will be presented with a brief tutorial of the game, should it be the first time you are playing the game. You can see this in the screenshot below.Smash Cops Heat tutorialThe tutorial of the game is well laid out. First you are taught how to accelerate the car and then you are shown how you can turn the car via the screenshot displayed below.Smash Cops Heat controls

At any point, the game can be paused via the pause button at the top right of the screen or you can also use the Esc button on your keyboard to perform the same action. The pause menu is shown below.Smash Cops Heat pausedYou can control various options from the pause menu which are self explanatory and are shown in the screenshot above. The objective of the game is to smash the cars of felons, and the same can be seen in the screenshot below, where you can see that I have successfully smashed a felon’s car. The health of the vehicle is shown in a bar at the top of the vehicle. The faster you smash a car, the more health the opponent loses.Smash Cops Heat hit felonsBe warned though, if you smash your own car on the sides of the road, you lose vehicle health too. Upon completing a level, you are shown your achievements which you will unlock via the screenshot shown below.Smash Cops Heat achievement unlockedWell folks, that’s a wrap for this review! Stay tuned for more.

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Smash Cops Heat is a really well designed game with good graphics that makes for a great download on Windows 10 devices. You may grab it for your device from the link below.

Get Smash Cops Heat.

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