5 EU Road Sign Learning Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 EU road sign learning apps for Android which you can use to learn about road signs and what they mean ahead of driving school/exams. Learning about road signs, what they look like and what they mean is very important if you don’t want to end up in a car accident. These apps help you prepare and they are suited for our readers from Europe, seeing how the same or similar road signs are used in all European countries.

Let’s see these Android apps below.

Road And Traffic Signs Test

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First app that I tested, Road And Traffic Signs Test, is a test app, but you do get a pop-up with the correct answer should you select the wrong answer out of the three that are offered.

That way you can learn what the signs you’re not familiar with mean. At the end of each session user is displayed with the results of the quiz, how many answers were correct, how many wrong, so that progress can be kept.

Get Road And Traffic Signs Test.

Traffic Signs

eu road sign learning apps android 2

Traffic Signs is an international road sign learning app where info on around 80 international roads signs can be found.

This app is a multiple choice type of app, where a road sign is showed and underneath it you will see 4 possible answers offered. When a wrong answer is given, the app will highlight it in red. Correct answers are highlighted in green.

Get Traffic Signs.

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Road Signs Free

eu road sign learning apps android 3

Road Signs Free is a road sign learning app that has a quiz in the form of quick fire rounds on actual TV quiz shows.

You’ll be given a question with 4 possible answers and 10 seconds on the timer to select the correct answer. The faster you give the correct answer, the more points you’ll get. At the end of each round analysis of the results is given, with correct answers for the questions that you got wrong. This is a free version of this app which is limited in the number of road signs in its database.

Get Road Signs Free.

Traffic Signs & Rules

eu road sign learning apps android 4

Traffic Signs & Rules isn’t solely a quiz app or a test app, although it does have those features included. As far as road sign learning apps goes, this one has a lot to offer in terms of information.

Large selection of mandatory, cautionary and informatory signs, road markings, driving rules, traffic signals and more is available. After you’ve familiarized yourself with everything, launch the quiz to test your knowledge.

Get Traffic Signs & Rules.

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Pocket Signs

eu road sign learning apps android 5

Pocket Signs is a EU road sign learning app and it’s only a learning app, it’s not a quiz nor is quiz available.

After launching the app you’ll be presented with 4 types of road sign categories, traffic signs, hazard signs, prohibition signs and as an added bonus the developer added a “funny” category where funny signs like “aliens ahead” can be found for a few quick laughs.

Get Pocket Signs.


Last 2 EU road sign learning apps I really liked because they offer a lot of useful road sign and traffic rules info. As far as quizzing goes, Road and Traffic Signs Test caught my eye the most. Mainly because it has a large number of signs in its database. Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think, which apps you ended up using.

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