Free Driving Game For iPhone to Test Driving Skills: Dr. Driving

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Dr. Driving is a free driving game for iPhone which tests your driving, drifting, and parking skills via 6 different missions. In this driving game, your main aim is to drive the car carefully by following the traffic rules while in one mission you need to drift the car. Whenever you complete a mission, you receives gold coins. These gold coins can be used to unlock new cars. There are a total of 24 cars to unlock with each car having its own characteristics. The game lets you connect your Facebook account with it so that you can share your score with your friends and compete against them. You can also play online against fellow Dr. Driving users from around the world.

Dr. Driving Game Window

Key Features of This Driving Game App for iPhone:

  • Free to download and use.
  • Drive the car by following the traffic rules to win gold coins.
  • Total of 24 cars to choose from.
  • Unlock the cars by collecting gold coins.
  • Total 6 missions to play.
  • Online mode available to compete against real opponents.
  • Log In with Facebook to share your high scores and compete against your friends.

Game Play of this Driving Game:

You can download the Dr. Driving game by either searching for its name on App Store or by clicking on the link given at the end of this review. Launch the game by tapping the icon. You can play the game with or without linking your Facebook account. If you want to compete against your friends, then you should link your Facebook account with the game. The gameplay of the game is simple: the game tests your driving skills via different set of missions. In each mission, you need to complete certain pre-defined tasks. There are a total of 6 missions for you to play. You can choose any mission any time. While playing any mission, you need to take care of everything, like: how to take turn, speed, acceleration, brakes etc. You are supposed to drive the car just like you are driving it in real world.

Dr. Driving Game Tools

The available missions are : Mission Speed, Mission Highway, Mission Drift, Mission Fuel Efficiency, Mission VIP Escort and Mission Speed Parking.

  • Mission Speed: In this mission, you need to drive the car as fast as you can in 3 minutes. You should avoid accidents and crashing to win the mission.
  • Mission Highway:  This is similar to the above mission but you have to drive the car on a highway this time.
  • Mission Drift: This mission tests your drifting skills.
  • Mission Fuel Efficiency: In this mission, you have to cover a specific distance with a given amount of fuel within limited time. It means you have to drive the car keeping fuel, distance, and time in mind.
  • Mission VIP Escort: You need to drive your car like a VIP without drifting. You have to avoid the drifting completely to win this mission.
  • Mission Speed Parking: In this mission you have to drive the car fast and also park the car fast. This mission tests both your driving and parking skills.

Just choose any of the mission and start showing off your driving skills.

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Final Verdict:

Dr. Driving is one of the best card driving game available for iOS at present. I found Dr. Driving to be a very entertaining game. I really enjoyed playing the game and each of its mission. The game surely gives you a feel that you are driving the car in reality. If you are fan of NFS or street racing games, then this game is definitely not for you as this driving game demands serious driving by strictly following the traffic rules.

Get the Dr. Driving game from here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 2]
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Free/Paid: Free

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