6 Best Free MP3 Editors

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Below are six very easy to use free MP3 editors for Windows which are free to download and rich with useful features. Each of these free mp3 editor lets you edit MP3 files, so that you can trim Mp3 files.


Audacity is free MP3 editor and recorder for Windows. You can use this MP3 editor to record live audio, covert tapes and records in digital audio, change pitch and speed of the song and mix your audio tracks into modes using this application which is very easy to use and yet very effective.


Some important features of Audacity are listed below:

  • Recording: You record and mix live audio pieces or convert non digital sound tracks into digital for CDs. With the help of sound card you can also capture streaming audio.
  • Editing: this application edits your large MP3 files very easily and faster than any other program. You can do unlimited undo (redo) operations along with advanced cut, copy, paste and delete. Use the Drawing tool in the program to alter individual sample points and fade the volume up or down smoothly with the Envelope tool.
  • Effects: add effects to your audio files by changing sound pitch and speed in the audio. Remove unwanted background voices and you can also alter frequencies with functions like equalization, FFT filter and Bass effects.

The software supports cross-platform compatibility and completely free to use for unlimited audio editing purpose. Read more about Audacity, or download free here.

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Wavosaur is open source free mp3 editor available with classic and advanced editing functions like cut, copy, paste and delete commands. The application is designed for editing, processing recording sounds in WAV and MP3 format. Design your sound tracks with professional touch using this free audio editor.

Some of the features of this free mp3 editor:

  • Edit MP3s: cut, copy, paste, paste mix, paste replace/insert, paste to new file, trim/crop, delete, undo.
  • Multiple processing options: mute, channel convert (stereo->mono, mono->stereo), insert silence, change volume, normalize level, fade in/out, invert/flip, undo.
  • Detailed statistics of frequency reading in the sound track and real-time oscilloscope for monitoring audio input and output.
  • Interface: Accurate waveform representation, fast zoom in/out, clean easy to use interface. Use right mouse to scroll/display context menu. Change your editor look with in-built variety of Skins.
  • The sound editor supports VST plug-ins, so you can do batch processing by applying process/effect/VST effects to an entire folder.

The application runs smoothly on Windows 98, XP and Vista and you can use this application to produce music loops, analyze, record, batch convert audio tracks for desirable mixes. Download free here.

MP3 Editor for free

As the name suggest, this free mp3 editor provides you free audio editing tools along with clean and easy to use interface, editing MP3 for perfect home studio recording types and so simple to handle that an amateur can use it.

Function Overview:

Fast and easy editing– the application contains all the basic editing functions of editing and playing your audio files. Easily cut copy paste and any part of the sound track or mix them with other sound pieces for studio recording. You can use marker to locate the selected part of the audio files.

Record live audio sounds from micro phone and other input devices and monitor volume levels while recording your music files. Time recording helps you set the beginning and ending time of automatic recording. Capture streaming audio with some sound cards. Control devices with system menu.

High quality effects– apply effects and different filters to the selected part of the audio files. Insert noise or silence to your sound tracks or amplitude presets and delay presets with this application.

Download free here.

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mpTrim is free audio editor with basic functionality and easy to use MP3 editor. The application is completely free, i.e. all the features in the program can be used for unlimited purpose and downloading is safe and fast.

What you can do with mpTrim free mp3 editor?

  • Remove unwanted parts from your audio parts with its advanced trimming functions. Get rid of the gaps between the songs or remove unwanted ads in the audio clips with this useful freeware.
  • You adjust volume of MP3s and do all the volume normalization operations easily with this MP3 editor.
  • You can fade-in/out MP3s to add special effects to fix abrupt beginning/endings.
  • Clean-up MP3s and recover wasted disk space with tools of this application.
  • This free audio editor does not compromise with the output quality and helps to keep the music quality intact. The quality of the sound don’t hamper by number of times you process an MP3, because it works directly in the MP3 format without having to decode/re-encode. Thus editing process is made very fast.

Download free here.


Jokosher is free, simple and powerful multi-track audio editor. Jokosher provides fully functioned features for recording, editing, mixing and exporting audio. This free MP3 editor has been specifically designed with usability and to encourage user-friendly utility. The program has been developed by re-thinking audio production at every level, and created something devilishly simple to use.

Features Overview:

  • The application conceptualizes easy use and clean interface to users for fast editing and recording purpose.
  • The application provides simple editing and trimming functions. The tools are hassle free and split and trim your audio files with Jokosher.
  • While mixing your songs you can use multi track volume mixing feature for rock and jazz clips. It also contains VU sliders for easy mixing.
  • Import audio clips in Ogg Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, WAV or in any formats that supports by GStreamer into your projects.
  • Export to MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WAV and anything else GStreamer supports.
  • A range of instruments can be added to mixed audio, and instruments can be renamed. These instruments can also be muted and soloed easily.

Read more about Jokosher, or download free here.

Myna Audio Editor

Myna audio is yet another free audio editor for editing audio and MP3s. create remixes of sound tracks with amazing sound effects and adding instruments to the original piece.

Update: (July 05, 2013) The service is no longer available.


  • Editing functions: Trim, Loop, Stretch and Reverse your audio clips, width editable loop points, and interactive time stretch capabilities.
  • Apply Effects: Easily add fade-ins, fade-outs, pan from left to right, and modify gain over time, with editable control points.
  • Add non-destructive effects to your audio clips including Pitch Change, Reverb, Delay, Parametric EQ, and more. files.
  • Import and Export functionality: Import your own audio files, or search one of our provided libraries. Mix it down and export directly to your desktop or publish back to your account.
  • Collaborate with other users and follow step-by-step tutorials to learn new skills.

Read more about Myna, or download free here.

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