Windows 8 Puzzle Game App: Untangle

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Untangle is a free Windows 8 Puzzle game app. It’s a simple Windows 8 game app where you’ll be given lines connected by points, which are all tangled up. The objective is to untangle these points and lines, so that no lines cross each other. It is a good way to sharpen up your brain and give it a little exercise. The game is very lightweight and is available in Games Category in Windows Store to be downloaded for free. There are two different game modes that you can play: Free Play and Arcade. The Free Play is the one where, there’s no time limit, and the Arcade is the one where there is a particular time limit according to difficulty.

Untangle is a good Windows 8 game app, specially good for those who like to play puzzle game rather than racing or shooting games. The game is interesting and if you really like to challenge yourself, then try playing the ones with most number of points like 20 points. That difficulty will surely make your head go spinning.

Untangle - arcade gameplay

Gameplay of this Windows 8 Puzzle game app:

Untangling the tangled lines and points, was fun, and kind of interesting. But after some time, it might become little less interesting  for some, because few puzzles repeat. But still it’s good, because even if it repeats itself, still as you can’t remember how you untangled the lines, so you might end up with totally different points arrangement. The points are fun to untangle, and some time you even end up with totally unsolvable arrangements. Still you’ll find it good.

Untangle - free play 20 points

Like I said above, there are two game modes. In Free Play, you have all your time to untangle the lines. You can play with your normal speed, and there’s no time limit within which you have to solve the puzzle. It’s a good way to practice the game, and then you can jump to the other game mode, that is Arcade. But even in Free Play mode, the game records the time you took to solve the puzzle, and shows it in Select Points screen. So, in a way you can play against yourself, to beat your best score, which is the time you took to solve puzzle. The aforementioned Select points screen is available only for Free Play game mode. Since there’s no time limit so, the Select Points Screen allows you to select any puzzle which has points from 6 to 20. The 6 points puzzle is the easiest and 20 points puzzle is the hardest.

Untangle - select points

The game continues puzzle after puzzle but the points will be same. In order to go back, right click on Back button on left corner.

But you can also, make the Free Play puzzles to timer puzzle, simply check on the Timer option in the Select Points Screen.

Untangle - arcade gameplay

The other game mode, Arcade, is the one where there’s a time limit and you have to solve the puzzle within that time limit. You won’t get to choose for the points in a puzzle, and you’ll start with 6 points puzzle, solve the puzzle in the given time limit and you’ll get next level puzzle (a little difficult than it). The game continues like that. It’s compulsory to solve current puzzle to advance to next. So the game difficult increases as the level advances. After solving each puzzle you’ll get scored on the basis of time you took to solve it. The time limit in each puzzle varies according to difficulty.

Untangle - arcade level score

Simply click and drag to move the points. The line are not movable. Get your brain to work and solve the puzzle by arranging the points in such a way that no lines intersects (crosses) each other.

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Key features of this Windows 8 puzzle game app:

  • Available for free.
  • Good Windows 8 game app.
  • Easy to learn but not too easy to finish specially with 20 points puzzle.
  • Two game modes: Free Play and Arcade.
  • Works offline.
  • Untangle all tangled up lines and points.

Final Note:

Untangle, sure is a good Windows 8 puzzle game app. It’s quite addictive and easy to play. Though I feel this Windows 8 puzzle game app, does need the background sound. Still, it’s fun to untangle lines. A good free Windows 8 game app.

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Grab Untangle here.

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