Windows 8 Puzzle Game Free: Doodle God

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Doodle God is a free Windows 8 puzzle game app. The game is about creating a new item (living or nonliving) by combining two available items. Initially, you’ll be provided with 2 to 4 items. You have to combine them and form a new element of the same category or create a new category. The basic categories includes Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Keep combining elements and fill up every blank spaces in each of the category. This Windows 8 game is a chemistry plus biology based game, and tests how good you were in the both subjects when you were in high school. But it’s not rocket science. It’s simple and quite easy to learn.

This Windows 8 puzzle game app is already pretty famous among the Windows 8 users. Besides Windows 8 devices, this game app is also supported in Android and iPhone. Doodle God is fine game, and a good tool to give exercise to your brain. Get this free Windows 8 puzzle game app from the Games Category in Windows Store, you can use the Windows 8 Search Charm to locate the app in Windows Store, or the download link at the end of this article.

Doodle God - main screen

Gameplay of this Windows 8 puzzle game app:

The whole concept of this Windows 8 puzzle game app is, you get to learn how to create things. You’ll first start with the most basic elements, and combine them together. Any valid combination yields a new compound, which you can again mix with the existing ones. Every valid combination gives you Mana; it’s a power with which you can purchase hints, frames etc. With every game, this game app does provides you with hints which helps you in combining the right elements.

Doodle God - Mana

This Windows 8 puzzle game app tries to be as much interesting and fun as it can be. There are four different types of games within this game app. These includes: Main Game, Quests, Puzzles, and Artifacts. All of these themselves are puzzles, and in each of these, the main objective is the same; combine two elements and form a new element, except the Artifacts; in it, you have to combine three items to form a new one.

Doodle God - game modes

The Main Game is the one that made Doodle God popular. In this game mode, you’ll play as the almighty god, and start creating compounds, elements, or in simple terms, items, that you see around you (both living and non-living) by combining the elements that you have got. You’ll first start with the most basic elements, and combine them together. Any valid combination yields a new compound, which you can again mix with the exiting ones.  There are four levels in this game type. You have to create new items and fill all the empty slots under each item category and complete the level to get to the higher stage.

Doodle God - quest game mode

The Quests game type, consists of 6 different sub game types. The gameplay of each of these game types is same, that is form a new item by valid combination and fill all the empty slots. The only difference between these sub game types and the main game modes is the background story, and the few of the items that you’ll get. Otherwise the main concept is same. Same is with the Puzzles, and Artifacts game mode.

To combine two elements, simply click on the elements one after another, and if it’s a valid combination, then the clicked items gets combined. Well that was the game play.

Doodle God - gameplay

Key features of this Windows 8 puzzle game app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good HD graphics.
  • Combine two existing elements to form a new element.
  • Four different modes of game, each having it’s own sub games.
  • Funny quotes and dialogs.
  • Good background music.

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Final note:

I found Doodle God, an acceptable Windows 8 game. At the initial stage, the game does promises to be interesting, because of the lovely hand drawn graphics, combined with funny dialogs and good background music. Plus there’s this fine gameplay also. But, as it advances, you’ll end up with multiple items, and only  certain combinations yields positive results. So, it becomes a little tiresome to try to combine each and every items. It kind of becomes hit and trial kind of stuff. Most combinations yield nothing, and forces you to resort to the tried and tested technique of trying everything with everything. Still, the game runs smooth. No denying it’s a quite famous game and has won multiple awards. So, probably worth trying once.

Grab Doodle God here.

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