Free Windows 8 Physics Based Game: Mortar Melon

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Mortar Melon is a free Windows 8 Physics Based Game. It’s more like a physics law based puzzle game. This game is all about using a cannon to fire a melon into a basket present on the opposite side of the screen. But there will be lots of obstacles standing on your way. So you have to guess, adjust the angle and power, and fire the melon in such way that it passes through all these obstacles and falls right at the basket. Though it sounds too easy, but before you get the right angle and power, it might take a few shots! The game is quite interesting and lot more fun.

You can get this Windows 8 physics based game app under the Games Category in Windows Store. Use the Windows 8 Search Charm to locate the app in Windows Store, or use the link given at the end of this article.

Mortar Melon - main screen

Gameplay details of this Windows 8 physics based game app:

Mortar Melon game app is more like the popular game called Angry Birds (another physics based game). But it is quite different in it’s own terms. The gameplay is very much different. For example, you just don’t fire the melon in the right angle, but also you have to fire it in such a way that it hits as many of the stray fruits as it can. The stray fruits are the fruits contained inside bubbles, and they lie in the middle of the path (projectile) between the cannon and the basket. Grabbing (hitting) these fruits gives you points. So your aim is to put the melon inside the basket as well as grab as much point as you can.

Mortar Melon - levels

Grabbing points and putting the melon inside basket unlocks the next level. This free Windows 8 physics based game consists of 24 free levels. In order to unlock more levels, you have pay a few bucks. But, being said that, doesn’t means the free levels aren’t good. Infact, they are quite good, and fun. Each level, basically is a puzzle. Each level contains contains a canon and a melon inside it at the far left of the screen, and a basket on the other side. Besides these two there will be multiple sharp rotating mortars here and there blocking your way. If your melon hits any of these, then it gets cut into pieces. And you have to re-play the level again until you succeed in putting it in the basket.

Mortar Melon

As a tip, never hurry firing the melon, and keep physics law in mind while firing the melon. You can also use the melon bounce for getting to the right path. The starting levels are quite easy, but the difficulty increases as the game advances. So, it might take a few shots to get the melon into the basket in later levels. But they are possible to complete. The best thing about this Windows 8 physics game app, is there’s no Game Over! You can play from the same level each time, until you don’t advance to next. Also you can play any completed level at anytime.

Mortar Melon - level results

Simply left click on the melon and drag to fire the melon and right click and drag to pan through the level.

Key features of this Windows 8 physics based game app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 physics based game app.
  • 24 free levels.
  • Great game-play.
  • Eye candy graphics.
  • Shows game stats in the start menu tile.
  • Good difficulty levels.

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Final verdict:

Mortar Melon, certainly is a good free Windows 8 physics based game app. It is fun and addictive. I really had fun time playing the game. Good thing for Windows 8 users is, it is supported in all Windows 8 OS supported devices. The 24 levels are quite interesting. There was not a single moment when the app got froze. It’s functional, and works smooth. Has got great graphics and sound. All in all, a good Windows 8 game app.

Grab Mortar Melon Classic here.

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