Windows 8 Puzzle Game Free: Gravistation

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Gravistation is a free Windows 8 Puzzle game app available in the Games category in Windows Store. It is still new in the Windows 8 game category, but is leaving quite a good name among Windows 8 users. This Windows 8 game app is actually a platform based puzzle game app, in which you have to guide the robot to move in such a way that it avoids all the gaps between the platforms and obstacles and reaches home. There are multiple levels in the game. Help the robot to reach home without falling off the screen, and as fast as possible.

You can use the Windows 8 Search charm (Win + Q) to locate the app in Windows 8 Store, or the link given at the end of this article.

Gravistation - gameplay

Gameplay of this Windows 8 puzzle game:

Gravistation, sure is a fun Windows 8 puzzle game app, and is a step back to the early computer games. Early computer games, because the graphics are so simple and are in 2D. The game is very easy to learn, but not too easy to complete. I liked the fact that the game gives instructions for playing the game at initial stages.

Gravistation - game instruction

The game controls are pretty simple. Use the left and right keyboard arrows to move the robot and space bar to fire. At first you might find the game a little confusing, but once you’ll get a hold of it, it becomes easy. The rest, depends all on your thinking capability; as you have to think before you make a move.

You start a level/ stage in an empty space with a spaceship. You’ll be moving around within the spaceship. But there’s a twist. There are gaps/ holes here and there in the spaceship. You have to avoid them, or else you’ll fall out of the spaceship. In order to reach home safely without falling off, you have to fire at various arrows pointing on different directions. Firing on these arrows actually rotates the whole spaceship. By rotating the space ship, you can make a safe way, where there are no holes.

Also while finding the safe way to home, you have to grab as many rings as you can. Grabbing rings gives you points. Besides rings, the game scoring depends on the time you took to complete the stage. So, the faster you complete the level, the more points you’ll get. As the game advances the gameplay becomes more difficult. For example at initial stages you just have to collect rings, but in later levels you have to collect keys, and fire at boxes which block your way. Finally your performance is measured as stars at the end. So try to get as many stars as possible.

Gravistation - level result

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Key features of this Windows 8 puzzle game app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 puzzle game app.
  • Great gameplay.
  • Easy to learn and addictive.
  • 20 levels to complete.
  • Track your game stats in Windows 8 start screen live tile.
  • One of it’s kind.

Final note:

Gravistation, certainly is a really good Windows 8 puzzle game app. It is interesting, addictive, and lots of fun. I did really spent a great time playing the game. It’s quite original, and one of its kind, because I haven’t played any game yet, in which the whole platform actually rotates. It’s lightweight, runs totally smooth. It sure need your brain! All in all, a good free Windows 8 game app.

Grab Gravistation here.

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