Windows 10 Park Ranger Game: Vacation Adventures

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Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2 is a free adventure game app for Windows 10 devices which gives a new meaning to the word hidden object adventure game. This game is not like other hidden object games in which you have to investigate mysteries, much rather, this is a more fun take on the hidden object games where you are working as a ranger for national park who has to complete certain tasks like finding objects to understand how a Park Ranger works in his day to day life.

Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2 has great graphics and is available for free for Windows 10 devices via the Windows App Store.Vacation Adventures Park Ranger 2

Controls of Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2 for Windows 10

In this game, you can touch on the items on the scene to interact with them if you are on a touch screen device. You can click on the them with a mouse if you are playing this game on a non touch enabled device. You can use the Esc. button to pause the game.

Main features of Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2 for Windows 10

Running the game on your device will straight away provide you with the profile creation screen. Here, you can enter your desired profile name and also click on the difficulty level that you wish to play with.Vacation Adventures Park Ranger 2Upon entering your profile name and choosing the difficulty level, you are presented with the gameplay interface which starts off with a tutorial.Vacation Adventures Park Ranger 2 tutorial

The tutorial to the game guides you by pointing at important objects via arrow markers like so.Vacation Adventures Park Ranger 2 arrow guidesAs you can see, straight off the bat you are presented with a level which asks you to find certain numberĀ of hidden objects in the scene. You can see that the objects listed at the bottom of the screen are nicely hidden among the foliage in the scene. If things get too difficult and you are totally unable to locate the objects, you can use the Hint button at the bottom right of the screen. This will mark a random object from the ones listed at the bottom of the screen with glowing stars, thereby clearly indicating where to click to find the object. You can see the hint button in action in the screenshot below.Vacation Adventures Park Ranger 2 hintsYou can see that the hidden object is shown with stars on the tree. Once the level is completed, you will be shown the below prompt.Vacation Adventures Park Ranger 2 level completedClicking on the Continue button in the prompt above will take you to the next hidden object level. This basically wraps up the main features of Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2 game for Windows 10 devices.

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Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2 is a well designed game app for Windows 10 devices which allows you to investigate hidden object levels while having a blast. You can grab the game for free from the link below.

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