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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is an interesting website that tells you color that matches your name or any text you type. As you type the text, it will show which color corresponds to it. It will also show the color code for your color, as well as let you download an image that will have just that color. is a pretty interesting concept. I don’t really find any use for it, but it is sure fun. This website does not needs you to download anything or register; just go the website, start typing your name or any text, and watch screen color change in real time.


As you can see in the screenshot above, the website interface is pretty simple. It just shows a text box in which you can type any text for which you want to find matching color. It also gives you an option to upload a file and find matching color based on that.

How Does Finds Color Corresponding to your Name:

This website uses a very simple logic to find color for the name or text that you type. It calculates CRC-32 value for the text that you type. Once it has that, it converts that to RGBA value, that has color as well as transparency level. It does this calculation right in your browser, and nothing is sent to servers of, so your privacy is preserved. Once it finds the color information, it fills your screen with that. Also, it does all this calculation on the fly, so as you type each character, screen is repainted with the color corresponding to that text.

Use the Color Found for your Name:

Once you have found the color that corresponds to your name, how do you go about using that? Simple. gives you various options to get your color. Firstly, it shows you your color in various color codes. You can see values in HEX, RGB, HSL, HSV, HEX8, RGBA, HSLA, and HSCVA formats. Just copy these color codes and use in any free image editor and then use it in  any image.

WhatsMyCo Color Codes

Another option it gives is that you can download a file that is filled with your color. You can specify the height and width of your file and it will download a PNG file of that size. This is a good option to get a file to post as your Facebook profile pic, or a file to use as desktop background via desktop wallpaper changer software. This will set your desktop wallpaper to a solid color that has been formed based on your name. (This does reminds me of two similar software to fill desktop background with solid color).

WhatsMyCo Color Swatch

Final Thoughts:

Is this website useful? I doubt it. Is it fun? It sure is. I have been playing around this website since last 2-3 days before finally deciding that I will go ahead and write about it. It has a good novelty factor that will give you some temporary entertainment.

Check out WhatsMy.Co.

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