5 Torrent Download Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 torrent download extensions for Google Chrome. By installing them, you’ll be able to integrate both torrent download and torrent search into your favorite web browser. There’s a lot of torrent clients out there, but since we mainly search for torrents using our web browsers, it makes sense that there’s some kind of torrent download aid installed there. We searched Chrome Web Store for Chrome torrent download helpers and here’s what we found.

.torrent to Transmission

.torrent to Transmission is a great extension for anyone who has a torrent server setup using the Transmission bittorrent client.

torrent download extensions google chrome

For those who are not familiar with Transmission, it’s a torrent client that runs on Linux, BSD, and Mac. After installing this torrent download extension, you get a Transmission UI inside Google Chrome. From the UI you get to connect with your torrent server that’s running on a local network and keep track of downloads and even quickly push torrent files to your download server by simply right clicking on torrent links and selecting the .torrent to Transmission option.

Get .torrent to Transmission

BitTorrent Surf

BitTorrent Surf isn’t a web UI for a torrent server. It’s actually a full fledged torrent search tool and download manager for Google Chrome that lets you both search and download torrents from inside Chrome.

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After installing and clicking on the extension icon, a new window opens up. Top section of the interface is reserved for the torrent search tool. Once that you’ve found the torrent that you’re interested in, you can start the download by simply double clicking on it.

Get BitTorrent Surf. Read full review of BitTorrent Surf.

Simple Torrent Search

Simple Torrent Search is a better version of .torrent Transmission. Instead of just working with Transmission, Simple Torrent supports dozens of torrent clients that are very popular for setting up a torrent download server.

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Some of the supported clients include Vuze, Deluge, pyrit, torrent flux and more. With Torrent Search you can search and automatically download torrents to a download server that’s connected either to a local network or even via the web, if you’re traveling and wanna send torrents to be downloaded to your home server.

Get Simple Torrent Search


GetTorrent is a great extension that bypasses the usual need for magnet links or torrent files if for some reason they are blocked on the computer that you’re using.

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This torrent download extension will use the info hash codes instead to load torrent download info into your default torrent client. You won’t need to click on magnet or torrent links, just decode this hash and you’re done.

Get GetTorrent

uTorrent easy client

Here’s a Chrome torrent download extension for Windows users who are running a uTorrent client.

torrent download extensions google chrome-4

By adding this torrent download extension to your Google Chrome, you’ll be able to push and manage torrent downloads on your uTorrent download server.

Get uTorrent easy client.


Use BitTorrent Surf if you need a more complete torrent download extension for Chrome, because it supports both search and download. Note that it’s still in beta, so you might come across a snag or two. Don’t forget to try other extensions that we mentioned if you’re running torrent download servers.

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