5 Learn Programming Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 learn programming apps for Android which you can use to at least get some basic understanding of programming. Knowing how to program can be a great thing, seeing how apps, weather they are mobile, desktop or web, seem to be increasingly more in demand. Apps that I mentioned down below are offering courses in a wide range of programming languages. From HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP for the web, to C++, Java, Python (which can also be used for web) and many others for the desktop and mobile apps. There’s plenty of free courses, but there are also paid ones which go into more details.

The free ones are more than enough for beginners though.

Udacity – Learn Programming

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Udacity is a very popular online platform for offering courses in many different IT related fields. Not all of the courses are available for free, at least not entirely, but those that are available will be more than enough to help you out if you’re just getting started with programming.

Account is needed to login and sign up for lectures. Lessons are spread out into categories like software engineering, Android, web development, data science (they talk about databases), etc. App will keep track of your progress as you go through the lectures.

Get Udacity – Learn Programming.

Learn Programming

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Learn Programming is basically a reminder app where you can find info on the commands, expressions and functions which are available in most common programming languages.

Around 30 languages are supported, info on them is included in the app. Popular libraries like Angular JS, Bootstrap, Canvas, etc. are also supported and lots of info is offered on them. This app is great for quickly learning CSS or HTML tags, for example.

Get Learn Programming.

Also, have a look at Free Website For Kids To Learn Programming The Fun Way.


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Coursera is another well known source for free online courses, and with this app you can access much more than just its selection of courses on programming, although it is extensive, Python, Java, and more are supported.

Technically speaking then, Coursera isn’t just exclusively a learn programming app. It also offers lectures on entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, music (there’s a great beginners guitar course) and more. Account is need to access everything that’s offered. Facebook and Google sign it makes the sign up process easier.

Get Coursera.

Udemy: Courses and Tutorials

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Don’t let the price tags on the screenshot down below scare you away. Even though a lot of courses on Udemy are paid to sign-up, there’s also a lot of free ones that you can use to get started with a programming language of your choice.

There are courses for web app development, mobile app development or desktop app development. Search tool and categories make it easy to find the course you want to learn.

Get Udemy: Courses and Tutorials.

Also, have a look at Android App to Learn Programming, Photography, Marketing.

Programming Hub

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Programming Hub I saved for last, because as far as learn programming apps goes, this one should be used when you’ve already familiarized yourself with one of the languages it supports (Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, C, C++, Python, Assembly, etc.).

This is another reference app, with lots of good examples of code. Image above shows code sample for setting up the Fibonacci counter in Javascript. There’s hundreds of other similar info snippets that will help you hone your programming skills.

Get Programming Hub.


I have 2 favorites from the list of learn programming apps above, and those two favorites are Udemy and Coursera. Give these two a spin and then use Programming Hub to further solidify and practice what you learned. Let me know how it went in the comments down below.

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