4 Free Pixel Art Maker Software for Windows 10

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Here are 4 free pixel art maker software for Windows 10.

When you have to build a new character for some online pixel game or want to test your skills in pixel art, these software are handy. These software provide grid layout and multiple tools to help you generate a good pixel art. You have the choice to select the grid layout or plain layout in most of these software. Apart from that, you can also save your pixel art as an image file on your PC.

Although there are many cool drawing software available for Windows 10, but when you have to make drawing on pixel level, such software can’t be helpful. Therefore, I have created this list and you can try any software as per you wish.

Let’s start with the first free pixel art maker software for Windows 10 covered in this list.

Pixel Studio

Pixel Studio- interface

Pixel Studio is an interesting pixel art maker software for Windows 10. Its interface is very easy to use. The right section contains all the necessary tools and rest of the area of its interface is used to generate the pixel art. You can choose brush style (Gradient, Solid, and Pattern), select color from the palette, and set the zoom level to view the drawing as per your need.

Apart from using the brush, it has some other tools also. You can use Pencil, Rectangle, Eraser, Line, Ellipse, and Bucket tool. The screen brightness for grid can also be adjusted. Moreover, you can preview the output in a small window. So, the software has almost all the options that are necessary to generate the pixel.

When the output is ready, you can export it as ICO, PNG, BMP, and JPG image.

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Pixi Paint

Pixi Paint- interface

Pixi Paint is another good pixel art maker software for Windows 10. It has a unique feature which is not available in any other software listed here. You can play the pixel art generated by you. It plays steps how you made the pixel art which looks really good.

Apart from this feature, it has all the important tools. For example, you can use the color palette, eraser, brush, pencil, line rectangle, and other tools to make a good pixel image. There is also a symmetry feature which I liked a lot. This feature is used to mirror the drawing on the other part of drawing area based on the selected option. For example, whatever you are drawing will automatically draw on the right side if associated option is selected. There are total 4 different symmetry options available to choose from.

When you have prepared your pixel art, you can save it to PC as PNG image. In my opinion, Pixi Paint gives a really tough competition to Pixel Studio.

Pixel Art (Homepage)

Pixel Art- interface

Pixel Art is also a very good software and you can adjust the size of the grid as per your requirement. Small, Medium and Large size can be set for the grid and if you want you can also hide the grid lines.

This software also comes with Pencil and Brush tool. Although the tools are very limited, but it won’t stop you from generating a fantastic pixel art. Your output can be saved as PNG image. There are some more features like fill the grid, enable grid ruler, etc., but those are the part of Pro version of this software.

Pixel Art (Homepage)

Pixel Art software homepage

Pixel Art is the simplest pixel art maker software for Windows 10 in this whole list. By default, it comes with 400 pixels grid. However, you can switch to 900 by right-clicking on its left side interface and then selecting 900 grid icon. You can also toggle grid anytime you want.

The top left section contains all the colors you can use to generate pixel image. And the right section is used for drawing. This software doesn’t come with Pen, Pencil, Brush, or any other tool. You can use only the default tool for drawing.

When the pixel image is ready, you can save it as PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF image.

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The Verdict:

These are some best and free software to make pixel art image for Windows 10. Among these software, Pixel Studio is most important software. I also liked Pixi Paint because of its feature to play recap of steps. So, if I had to suggest a software from this list, then I would have selected these two software only.

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