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Pixel Art Studio is a free pixel art style drawing software for Windows that helps to make pixel art (a digital art is in which images are edited on pixel level) in an easy manner. You can easily and conveniently prepare pixel images by just using your mouse. It’s so easy to build pixel images with Pixel Art Studio. You can easily draw anything you like to draw and it will take pixel shape simultaneously just like the way you want. Prepare and save your work and explore your pixel art using Pixel Art Studio. Not only you can save created pixel images, infact you can even export your work in form of jpg and png image file format.

Likewise you can easily import any image file to Pixel Art Studio. Thus, it helps to convert your images into pixel images as well. It’s an easy and very simple solution to make pixel art. Anyone can try it as it provides very simple and user-friendly interface to use. Moreover, Pixel Art Studio is completely free to use so that’s even good for you, isn’t it!

PIXEL 01 make pixel art

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How To Make Pixel Art With Pixel Art Studio?

The above screenshot gives a clear idea about what you can do while working with Pixel Art Studio. Simply open a new file on this software and use a pencil for pixel drawing. Just hold left click and drag your mouse for creating a drawing. At the bottom left corner of its interface, you can find and change colors according to your need. There are two (primary and secondary) color options available for left and right mouse click.

Start creating your own pixel art or you can import any image from your computer using File menu. Once after importing an image, you can change it into pixel image easily. This way you can perform pixel art in it, and if anything wrong happens by mistake, then you can erase that part using Eraser tool.

Other than these things, you can change the opacity, brush size etc. using Options. See the screenshot below.

PIXEL 02 make pixel art

One thing that I like about Pixel Art Studio is that it contains the Pipette tool that is used to know the color code of any desired pixel. Thus, it also fulfills the need of color code identification.

Key Features of Pixel Art Studio:

  • Very simple and effective software to make pixel art.
  • Easy to import any image file and export your work.
  • Facility to know the color code of a pixel.
  • Convert any image into pixel image.
  • Free to use software for Windows.

There is no doubt that Pixel Art Studio can be a good choice if you want to make pixel art. In short, Pixel Art Studio satisfies the need of creating and drawing pixel images. So if you want, you can try this software for free.

Get free Pixel Art Studio.

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