5 Best Free Android Apps for Learning Colors for Toddlers

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Here is a list of 5 Best Free Android Apps for Learning Colors for Toddlers. These apps let your kid(s) learn to identify and differentiate between various colors. While some of these apps simply help in identifying the color(s) by pronouncing out loud the name of the color; others are prettier and have a great background music as well. Cute, fun, neat, yet educational — that’s what these free apps are. Go ahead and check out the details below!

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1. Learning Colors for Kids

Learning Colors for Kids

Learning Colors for Kids is, as the name suggests, just an app which can help your toddler in learning colors. The app asks you to identify specific color as and when its name is spoken. The correct color is then zoomed to the full screen and you hear a positive response as well, and then the next challenge appears. The app is simple to use, and is extremely helpful. It’s completely free!

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2. Shapes & Colors Music Show

Shapes and Colors Music Show

Shapes and Colors Music Show can help a toddler learn two things at once. Yep, Colors and shapes, both can be learnt using this app in a fun way!. The app has great music and sound feedback, which is funny and cute. There are two levels, with the 2nd level also having a piano at the bottom of the screen. Whenever your toddler will tap a shape, it will jump up and say its color and name of the shape. Go ahead, this app is available for free on the Play Store.

3. Learn Colors for Kids Toddlers

Learn Colors for Kids Toddlers

Learn Colors for Kids Toddlers is another app with a simplistic interface and focus on a couple of things: Learning, and Playing. But yeah, both of these are done with the involvement of Colors in the picture, so your kid ends up learning something, even when he’s ‘playing’. The interface is simple, and just pronounces the name of the Color along with the picture of a fruit of that name. The ‘Play’ options show different images and asks your kid to find the object of a specific color. Try it out, you’ll see that it’s quite simple yet informative. Do beware of the banner ads though!

4. Colors


Colors is a simple app which relies on Sounds to make your kid learn various colors. You will be welcomed with an interface showing a particular color in major portion of your screen. Swiping right or left will reveal another color and its name will be pronounced at the same time in a child’s voice. Yep, all the colors seem to have the voice of different children, and that might make things quite interesting for your toddler! Not just that, you can also edit the sound associated with each color so that your toddler can recognize a familiar voice!

5. Colors Baby Flash Cards

Colors Baby Flash Cards

Colors Baby Flash Cards is a cards-based app which is meant for Learning Colors for Toddlers. The app shows different cards with the image of an object (or person, or animal), related to that color. So, Orange shows a pumpkin, Blue shows a blue car, and so forth and so on! Tapping on the 3 dot options menu button will also reveal ‘Quiz Mode‘ option. Quiz Mode basically switches the Sound OFF, and the Color name is pronounced only after a tap on the object. The app is simple and does its job of teaching colors quite efficiently.

That’s it guys! This list of 5 Best Free Android Apps for Learning Colors for Toddlers, is hereby complete. You’re welcome to leave your comments below!

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