iPad Kids App To Learn Alphabets, Colors, Counting, Shapes

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Care Bears Love To Learn is a free iPad kids app which helps kids to learn alphabets, colors, and shapes. The app includes different interesting activities which helps your kids in learning all the mentioned things easily. Each of the activity is performed by your kid with the help of Care Bear. The app has separate activities for each alphabets, colors, and shape category along with melodious background music. The music is chosen such that your kid will get attracted towards the app.

Apart from activities, the app also includes 3  interesting games (Music Making, Catching Toys, and Matching) which makes a combo of learning and playing together. Each time your kid wins a game, he is offered with surprise gift from the Care Bear.  These surprise are actually the different avatars of Care Bear which your kid has to collect. These surprises can be helpful in motivating your kid to learn the things and win games. The app doesn’t contain any ads, link to third party apps or any link which redirects outside the app. It means, this app is completely safe for your child to use and play.

Care Bear Love To Learn

Learning Using This iPad Kids App:

To start learning with this iPad kids app, launch the app. You will be welcomed by a colorful interface along with melodious music playing in background. On this interface, you will see two options: Play Game and Surprises. The Surprises section is for viewing all the surprises won by your kids but since to get surprises, your kid has to learn and win games. To start learning and playing games, tap on Play Game. On tapping this option, app will displays games and activities in random order. All the activities and games are explained below but it is also possible that in your case, these activities and games might appear in some other order instead of the one followed by me. While playing activities, your kid will move to next one if he answers the questions asked in each activity.


  • Learning Alphabets: In this activity, Care Bear will display some objects on the screen. He will ask your kid to identify the objects whose name starts with the alphabet chosen by Bear. Your kid has to tap on the object which he thinks is the one matching the question.

    Learning Alphabets

  • Learning Colors: This time, Care Bear will ask your kid to identify the object having the color chosen by him. There can be more than one object having that specific color. So, your kid has to identify all the objects correctly to go to next activity.

    Learning Colors

  • Learning Shapes: This activity is like a jigsaw puzzle game. In this game, your Kid will see a blank shape along with different pieces on the screen. Your kid has to arrange these pieces, like the way we solve jigsaw puzzle, to get the asked shape and thus proceed further.

    Learning Shapes

  • Learning Counting: In this activtiy, your kid will see a specific number of objects on screen. He needs to tap on each of them one by one for proceeding ahead. Just when he will tap on the screen, the app will display the current number of count.

    Learning Counting


  • Music Making: In this game, your kid will enjoy by making music and making Care Bear dance to his tunes. On the screen, your kid will see a flower with various petals. Among these various petals, one of the petal will blink randomly. Just when any petal blinks, your kid has to tap on it to produce the music. If he taps on right time and produces music, then Care Bear will dance but if he fails then Bear will give reactions like he is not happy with the music.

    Music Making

  • Catching Toys: In this game, your kid has to collect toys, falling from top, in Care Bear’s basket.
  • Matching Cards: In this game, your kid will see a set of cards having Bear character’s photo. These cards are placed in inverted form with each bear character having his photo on two cards. Now, your kid has to tap on each card to view the character on back side and memorize the card. His job is to match the two cards having same bear character by tapping on them back to back.

    Match Making

While playing these games and activities, your kids will come across a spinning wheel which means its time for winning surprises. This spinning wheel appears randomly so your kid will eagerly wait for it. To win surprises, your kid has to spin the wheel and wait for his surprise. On winning surprises, he can view them from Surprise section on home screen.

Spinning Wheel

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Final Verdict:

Care Bear Loves To Learn is a really awesome and interesting iPad kids app. This app really makes learning counting, alphabets, colors, and shapes a fun activity. Apart from this, the three games and surprises also adds up to the total fun of the app. If you are really looking for a kids app then you should go for this one.

Get Care Bear Love To Learn here.

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