Free Windows 8 App To Test Typing Performance: Type Speed

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Type Speed is a free Metro UI app for Windows 8 that does a little more than just testing your typing speed. It allows you to benchmark your typing speed, and also gives a detailed  review of your accuracy, words per minute (speed), and the number of keystrokes that you made to complete the speed test. This app is very straightforward to use, and does what it says: Testing your typing speed.

The app’s interface is very smoothly designed, and the app looks like a native Windows 8 app. This app makes for a good download for anyone looking forward to test their typing skills, or rather, benchmark their typing performance. Gone are the days when you have to guess and tell your friends about your typing can now tell them an accurate number (words per minute), instead of vaguely saying that- “My typing speed is fast/slow.”

The app did not lag, crash or hang on my Windows 8 test machine. Type Speed app is available as a free download from the Windows App Store.

Type speed icon


Features of this app: Type Speed

This app is very simple and straightforward. It just intends to test your typing skills, and delivers on it.

When you install the app and open it up, you shall be presented with the following screen. (see screenshot below)

type to start type test

Just click inside the box above the green button, and begin typing to initiate the type test. As soon as your first keystroke is recorded, the type test will begin. You have to type in the words shown in the box above. When you begin typing inside the box, the 60 second countdown timer will begin to run. (see screenshot below)

Type test running

As you can see in the above screenshot, the type test is running now. The words that you correctly type in will change their text color from black to green. The words that you type in incorrectly will change their text color to red. The word that you have to type next will always be highlighted in grey. When the typing test is complete (the countdown timer runs down to zero), you will be presented with the results of your typing test.

The results will appear in the following format on your Windows 8 machine:

type speed results As you can see in the above screenshot, you will be able to witness your Word Per Minute (i.e., your typing speed), Accuracy (How much percentage of words did you type in correctly), and also, you will be able to see the number of Keystrokes (number of buttons that you pressed while taking up the typing test).

There will also be a Time Up text displayed below the results showing that the time for the test is complete. You can always retake the typing test by clicking on the Green Restart button.

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The Verdict?

Type Speed is a good app to have for people who want to test their typing skills. It is also a good app for the casual person who simply wants to see how many words he can type per minute, and then he can try to break his record of highest words per minute speed. If used regularly, this app can actually help you to enhance your typing speed.

Get Type Speed.

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