Visions: Photo Library Manager to View Albums in 3-D

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Visions is a free 3D image management solution. Visions comprises of a 3D viewer, image editor, creator, and image sharing modules. Visions lets you very easily manage your entire photo library, and perform common editing functions on them. Visions is completely free.

Recently I have been quite obsessed that bring 3D effects to desktop (Avatar Effect?). I reviewed some cool software to add 3D effects to your desktop. And today I came across Visions.

Before coming across Visions, I was a big fan of Picasa, and StudioLine. Let me admit, Visions is unlike any photo management software that I have ever seen before. It basically lets you see your entire photo library in 3-D. That not only makes it cool, but also makes it really easy to work with lot of photos at the same time.

Visions is comprised of 4 modules:

Visions View:

Visions View is unarguably the best part of Visions. Visions View is a 3-D photo library manager. Visions View shows all your folders in a nice 3-D view. You can easily flip through the folders arranged nicely in 3-D form. So, in a very less space, you can see lot of your photos, and decide which photos you want to work work. Frankly speaking, flipping through folders in Visions View gave me the same feel as Cover Flow in my iPod.

Visions Editor:

Visions Editor is a nice and easy to use editor that comes with Visions. Visions Editor lets you easily perform all the normal photo editing features, like, Red eye removal, adjustment of brightness/contrast, sharpen, rotate, resize, crop, and lot more. It is very easy to edit photos in Visions Editor. The editor is very intuitive, and all the controls are nicely placed. Visions Editor also lets you perform batch editing tasks, like rotate all photos in a folder.

Visions Create:

Visions Create lets you create Greeting cards, calendars, collages, postcards, and complete photo books very easily. You start by selecting the available templates, and just drag the photos to that. Visions Create makes it extremely easy to create really good looking Greeting cards, calendars, collages, postcards, and photo books.

Visions Share:

Visions Share lets you directly upload your photos to Flickr, and 23. Visions Share also lets you configure multiple accounts, and switch from one account to another account easily (this would be handy if you have multiple Flickr accounts). You can also add tags and comments to your pictures that will be directly stored in Flickr. Visions Share also lets you do in-place editing of photos that are uploaded in Flickr. So, you can directly open a photo uploaded in Flickr in Visions, edit it, and save it back to Flickr.

Visions is completely free. Despite being so feature rich, it does not consumes lot of system resources. Give it a try, you will love it.

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