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News on Screen is a free software to see latest news on PC screen. It will bring to you the latest and updated info about the happenings around you from your favorite news agencies right on your computer screen and GPRS cell phones.

The application is free of cost and you just have to install this freeware on your PC. The application also gives you freedom of language and the instrument to deliver you fast and updated news headlines of the time. You can also read Free Software to watch TV online, Zinc TV,  and FreeTube for watching TV online without downloading or installing anything.


In todays fast pace life, we often have no time for reading news papers and watching news channels. And of course it is tiresome when you have to surf Internet for the news headlines and cover stories. But with this application, you will not have to open the web browser, the application will keep updating the news on your screen available for you to review any time. And since the application is portable, you can install the program anywhere in the computer and on your GPRS mobiles.

You have the flexibility of choosing the language of your choice and sources that deliver news of your interest. The application updates itself as and when it reads news flash in your designated website. If you want, you can specify more than one news channel and source from which you want to receive news updates.You can also read Boxee which allows users to access online media through a TV.

You don’t have to visit various websites and channels in order to get news of your choice. When GPRS or net connectivity is on, it constantly checks for updates of news from your favorite channels and when there are any updates, it alerts you with such updates. Also you can switch off or on this update feature as per your convenience.

Some of the important features of News on Screen:

Real time news updates

The application is designed primarily to give you constant updates and news information. All this happens in real time. The freeware will timely update itself and will provide you with latest info on the web regarding the happenings around you. The application targets in giving you all the info that you want from the news channel of your choice.

Ticker and Messenger View

The ticker view in the PC version of the application will keep updating the news on your computer monitor without disturbing you. So when you look at your screen, you automatically get updates of the news headlines, without any efforts. Whereas messenger view, allows you to read news in details. Both the features enable you to read news with great ease and in comfort.

Favorite option

You can set a news channel or newspaper as favorite, this will enable direct access of your favorite “News on Screen”. It shows you your favorite channels directly without going to the home page. Even when your application is in minimize mode the application will give you alerts in real time about the breaking news and other updates in your favorite news sources.

Multiple language support

The freeware supports number of languages thus; you can read news in the language you want. And interesting thing about this freeware is, even if your PC and mobile do not support that language then also you will read the news in your preferred language. Thus you can access any news in the world in your own language.

News On Screen is a free and useful software which keeps you updates with the latest news of your interest any time of the day.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 1 Average: 2]
Works With: Windows, iPhone, BlackBerry
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