Boxee – Free Software to Access Online Media Via Your TV

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Boxee is a free media tool that allows users to access online media through a TV very easily. Boxee provides an attractive, easy to navigate interface which lets you view streaming video using your television set. Utilising a series of different apps, Boxee is a free media suite that caters for films, TV shows and all manner of other media.

he attractive interface of Boxee

All you need to do to access online media through a TV using Boxee is run the software and then link up your PC to the TV in question using a HDMI cable or a similar connector. From here, you can easily navigate the on screen free media library that Boxee creates using either a computer pointing device such as an optical mouse or a compatible PC remote control.

Features of Boxee:

  • Free media library on screen to navigate between music and videos to view
  • Boxee has an easy interface to navigate with in order to access online media through a TV
  • This free media tool gathers streams from across the internet to popular shows and films
  • Use a compatible PC remote to control the free media suite from the comfort of your chair

Boxee is an excellent free media suite that easily enables you to access online media through a TV, which is something that a lot of people want to do. With the advent of services to view streaming video like BBC iPlayer and also those like Livestation which let you watch TV online, more and more people want to access online media through a TV. With a free media tool like Boxee, that process becomes very simple indeed. Boxee is also a good free alternative to PlayOn.

Some other software like this include free software to watch TV online and Quisple which serves as a free portal to YouTube.

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Works With: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
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