5 Free Software to Watch TV Online

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Here are 5 Free Software that let you watch TV online. You can watch free online tv on computer. Unlike other tons of such services out there, these 5 services work, and work well.

1. FreeTube

FreeTube is a Free online TV which can be made ‘family-friendly’ with a click, which removes all inappropriate content. With FreeTube you can watch TV online on the internet without any extra hardware, software or subscription service. Simply select a genre from the menu, and click on a channel to begin watching. You do not need to download or install any software to watch free tv on your computer.

FreeTube Interface

The moment you enter the website, click on the ‘Family Friendly’ link to remove inappropriate content, and …….the whole page is transformed, showing only harmless content! The channels are nicely displayed towards the left side, organized in genres.

Sleek Display of Genres

Freetube has a large selection of TV streams in many genres such as: News, Business, Educational, Entertainment, Religious, Music, Sports, Lifestyle, Web Cams, Movies and Adult. Just click on the genre, select the TV Channel in the drop-down menu, and start watching!

Popular Channels

Most popular channels work well on FreeTube:

  • Fox 5
  • CNBC Awaaz
  • MTV (Uber, China, Brand New, ect)
  • ESPN
  • Toonami
  • BBC World
  • CourtTV
  • C-SPAN 1-3


  • Hundreds of channels
  • ‘My Channels’ – for Personalized Channels.
  • Weekly addition of new channels

FreeTube is a great way to watch TV on computer, streamed and live over the Net, for free. Try here.

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2. LiveStation

Livestation player is a radical concept in free Online TV programming, developed jointly with Microsoft. It allows you to watch live TV and radio from the world’s top broadcasting channels – all under one umbrella. The moment you enter LiveStation Online TV, you are greeted with the familiar red, BBC Screen! The streaming of BBC News, especially, is very good and consistent, without a ‘Broken link’, available 24 x 7. Unlike many other Online TV programs, LiveStation presents ‘live’ channels to see events as they unfold.

High Viewing Quality and Lovely Presentation

The presentation of LiveStation is classy! Rotating channel names make for a mesmerizing style of channel-selection! The quality of the streaming is excellent and remains unchanged on Full Screen display. The TV player can be adjusted from 50% to 200% size. Simply clicking on ‘Add Channels’ on the parent website, adds the channel to your list on LiveStation. It also features Channel ratings to make your selection easy. With LiveStation, you can watch online TV while chatting and operating other programs.

Additional Features

Some other useful features are:

  • Receive desktop alerts about your favorite channels even when you’re not on the website.
  • You can post ‘live’ LiveStation screenplay on your Twitter.
  • Enhanced search function.

Though some channels don’t work well, if you are fastidious about quality and not quantity, there’s nothing to beat LiveStation free Online TV!  Try Here.

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3. anyTV

anyTV is a small, compact and powerful free software to watch online TV on your desktop. anyTV has a simple, comfortable, interface. It is a charming program with a wide variety of programs offered.

With anyTV, you can watch TV on PC, viewing programs of any genre, live cameras, video clips from all over the world,………..that too without a TV, TV tuner card, or a satellite receiver, on your PC, not just at home, but at the office, at work or on wireless; all you need is an internet connection.

Large Channel Line up

With anyTV, you have access to 2630+ Online TV channels, 6910+ Video clips and 4750+ Online Radio stations. With anyTV, you can watch any genre of TV – News, Education, Entertainment, Documentaries, Music, Sport, Shopping, Languages, Cartoons, Learning, Culture, Religion…….

Graphic and User-friendly Interface

Simply select the TV icon and then select your Country. Next you select your Channel from the list either by double clicking on the channel name or select the channel and press the Play button to watch TV on your computer for free. What is interesting about anyTV is the added feature of being able to listen to a lot of radio channels from your city freely. All you need to do is select the Radio icon instead of TV icon from the main application interface.

anyTV Features

  • Constant update of channels.
  • Filter channels by genre, country, bitrate or content.
  • Set up list for quick access to your favorite Radio/TV/Video channels online.
  • Watch in Regular or Full-screen mode.
  • Supports both Windows Media and RealPlayer.
  • Enables streaming TV and free-broadcast radio stations over the Internet.
  • Enables access to various video clips and move trailers.
  • No adware, spyware or any other malware; no pop-ups, no registration, or other nag-screens.
  • Free software, needing only an internet connection.

Try Here.


JLC’s Internet TV is a free software to watch free online TV on PC. It’s arguably the biggest and most up-to-date database of channels existing. The new flagging and rating system allows you to see channels that are worth watching.

Internet TV – Other Features:

  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • User-maintained online database with thousands of free TV channels
  • Filter channels by rating, genre, country, bitrate or content.
  • Watch in Regular or Full-screen mode.
  • View available updates for any channel
  • Create your own favorites list
  • Search function to easily locate channels
  • Automatic downloads of Program updates
  • No Spyware, adware or any other malware

Free Internet TV Genres include:

News, Sport, Music, Cartoons, Movies, Games, Funny TV, Entertainment, Celebrity, Education, Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, Poker, Adult

Try JLC Internet TV Here.


Hulu TV is promoted by NBC and NewsCorp. Hulu TV has changed the way we think about TV and internet video. Partnering more than 50 content creators like: Fox, NBC, MGM, Warner Bros…and more, Hulu TV is able to provide FREE premium content.

Hulu TV Interface and Features

Hulu TV provides an easy-to-navigate website with a small video screen 6 inches by 4 inches, with option to:

  • Use Full-screen
  • Play videos on a pop-out screen
  • Dimming of lights, and hiding the background.

Hulu TV allows browsing by title, popularity, genre or studio. It also offers video “collections” of serials and skits. You can watch full-length movies, TV shows, Sporting events, short video clips, HD programming, current TV serials like ‘The Simpsons’, or old classics like Starsky and Hutch.

To watch Hulu TV on your computer, you require a high-speed internet connection and Flash player installed on your computer.

Hulu TV – Additional Features

Hulu TV is free from the annoying commercials that pop up every ten minutes, and can be emailed to friends, shared, or embedded in your own websites. You can also use Hulu TV allows you to set up a video queue and show subscriptions to save programs that you want to see, and know when new episodes of your favorite shows are added to Hulu TV.

You can even download Hulu TV programs to your computer with Hulu Video Downloader.

Try Hulu TV Here.

If you want to watch HD videos over the internet for free, you can try Miro or Vuze.

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