5 Evernote Alternatives For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 Evernote alternatives for Chrome which you can use to organize snippets, notes and any other text that you find interesting, all the while avoiding Evernote. Not that there’s anything wrong with Evernote, it’s just that some people might be looking for simpler note taking or something with unique set of features.

Here’s 5 such Evernote alternatives for Chrome that you can try.


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Simplenote is the complete opposite of Evernote in terms of ease of use. Let’s face it, you need some time to figure out all the ins and outs of Evernote.

That’s not the case with this Evernote alternative because like its name suggests, it focuses more on simplicity. This can best be seen from it’s interface on the image above. Notes are added using the left sidebar. Once a new note is added, use the editor on the right to paste the text snippets that you’d like to save. Markdown syntax is supported and created notes can be shared with the world by publishing them.

Get Simplenote.

Google Keep

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Here’s another simplistic Evernote alternative. This time it’s published by Google and offers integration with your Google account.

It works as a standalone app, it will open up in a new window from where you can start adding text notes, to-do lists and more. App automatically detects the Google account with which you’re logged in. There’s also an Android app that you can use to access saved notes on smartphones and tablets.

Get Google Keep.

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Notes for GMail™

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Next up is an extension that’s going to integrate note taking into Gmail, Notes for Gmail. It’s perfect because at the same time you get to manage your email and also take notes.

This Evernote alternative is also surprisingly advanced. You get to annotate emails, create sticky notes in the inbox, notes can have due dates with reminders setup, pining is supported and more. To create a new note, just click on the “Add Thread Note” button, from the top toolbar. The extended toolbar shows up after you install the extension and give Notes for Gmail access to your account.

Get Notes for GMail™.

Page Notes

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Page Notes gives you a unique approach to cloud note taking. It lets you create web page specific notes. You can visit this website, open a page on it, and then jot down notes that are going to be saved and can be only be accessed on that page.

Notes can be applied to entire websites, not just individual pages. That’s what the “Apply to all pages of this site” option is for. Google Drive is used for note syncing and backup. You will need to connect Page Note with your account there for everything to work properly.

Get Page Notes.

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Extension for HeapNote

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Extension for HeapNote is the most similar to Evernote, out of all the alternatives that I mentioned, but it still does things a bit differently. Online account on the HeapNote website needs to be registered and once you do that, it’s possible to easily clip text straight from the right click context menu within Chrome.

It’s possible to clip text selections from websites, or you can create new text clips (editor pops up in both cases). Each newly created text clip is a note on the HeapNote website, where by logging into your account they can be accessed and managed.

Get Extension for HeapNote.


I have two favorites from the list of Evernote alternatives for Chrome above. They are Simplenote and HeapNote. If you find that Evernote just isn’t for you, then make sure these two out. Don’t agree or you have suggestions? Leave a comment down below.

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