5 Best Day Planner Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 best day planner software for Windows 10 which can be used to better manage time and to organize one’s daily tasks more efficiently. Day planner software will help you keep all your tasks, plans, schedules in one place so that nothing gets neglected.

It’s very easy to lose focus in today’s world. There is an enormous amount of distractions which are available to us. Being properly organized helps increase focus on what’s important and decrease procrastination. At least, that’s the case with me. Let’s see what exactly it is that I managed to find.

Day Organizer

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Day Organizer is a day planner software for Windows 10 that lets you plan out your day in great detail few months at a time. What you’ll see after launching the application is the week view, where each day of the week has a column with 24 brackets representing hours of the day.

Each bracket is divided up into two half-hour sections. Right sidebar allows you to switch between currently active week/month. Simply double click on a bracket to start adding events to your schedule. Events and appointments can be given titles, descriptions, different durations, reminders with alarms, be made recurrent on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis and more. View can be switched to either daily (more details) or monthly (less details) view. Setup plans can be saved as documents or printed via printer directly from the application.

Get Day Organizer.

Get Organized – Windows 10 day planner software

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Odds are good that a lot of you reading this are students. Get Organized is a Windows 10 day planner software aimed at students. It’s optimized for managing high school and college courses, their info, schedules, notes, assignments, you name it.

First thing that the application will ask you to do is add info on courses that you’re currently attending. Filling out info like professor name, classroom number, required textbooks, and of course, daily schedule will help you stay on top of everything. As you progress through the course, additional info can be jotted down, like assignments, events, etc. Info from the application can be backed up or printed if you need it in paper form.

Get Get Organized.

Also have a look at Task Reminder To Add Tasks, Set Priority, Remember Important Meetings.


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esyPlanner is a feature packed day planner and organizer software for Windows 10 where a large number of functionalities can be found. Planning is the main theme of the application, so when you open up the “Calendar View” you’ll see a similar weekly view with each day as a column divided up into hour long brackets (24 of them, obviously).

Double click on a bracket opens up the “add new event” window. The usual event info can be added, title, description, category, location, duration, recurrence, reminders, etc. Left panel gives you access to all the other tools. You get a note/task/to-do list manager, phone book, password manager, diary and more. Another great thing about this application is¬†attachments. Files can be attached to pretty much anything. List of events, day plans and other info can be printed from the application. Backup/restore is also available. Interface is a bit all over the place, and will take some getting used to.

Get esyPlanner.

My Daily Planner

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My Daily Planner is a step back from the kind of all-in-one daily planner software that I talked about until now. It’s simpler, but at the same time it offers a nice mix of functionalities.

It comes with a built-in task manager, note taking module, daily planner and as an added bonus there’s also a course manager for students. Everything is simplified here, but still very usable. Lists of meetings, tasks and courses can be made and assigned to specific time/date. Each module is hidden away behind its own tab in the top left corner menu, see image above. “Home” tab gives you an overview of all the upcoming tasks, meetings and courses for the days that you select using the calendar in the right sidebar. Printing is supported (notes).

Get My Daily Planner.

Also have a look at Free Online Organizer and Contact Manager: DayViewer.

MyLife Organized

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MyLife Organized is an even simpler daily planner software where everything is task and to-do list oriented. Each day can be planned by setting up lists of tasks and to-dos.

Each task added to the list can be defined in great detail. It starts with basic things like name and description and after that you can setup importance/urgency, duration, reminders and even keep track of efficiency statistics (although they are rudimentary at best). Info from the application can be printed and saved in a database file. Interface is simple, but very easy to follow, which is a plus.

Get MyLife Organized.


Every one of the 5 day planner software for Windows 10 from the list above worked great. Despite not being as jam-packed with features like esyPlanner, My Daily Planner took the first place in my book. Mainly because it offers a nice balance between features and ease of use. esyPlanner has a lot to offer, and I mean a lot, so use it if you’re looking for more features.

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