Hide Files, Photos, Contacts, SMS, Call Log on Android: Free App

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Text and File Hider Plus is a free app for Android to hide documents and files on Android. It can also hide selected contacts as well as call logs and messages. This app ensures that your personal documents are kept completely hidden from prying eyes and people who want to steal critical information. You can set PIN to unlock files that you have locked.

This app to hide documents appears with the icon of Battery Plus in your application list, and hence, people are fooled into thinking that you don’t have any privacy software on your device. It comes in very handy, because people cannot uninstall it easily as firstly, they won’t even know that which app is locking the files.

Features of this App to Hide Files on Android:

  • I simply love the way this application has been designed. When you install the application, it creates an icon in the name of Battery Plus. In the below image, you can see the Battery Plus icon toward the right side of the screen in near about the middle of the home screen.
    Hider Plus
  • When you click this icon, you will see a fully functional battery meter pop up. As you can see below, this battery meter is absolutely accurate, and hence will fool your friends into thinking that you have really downloaded a battery monitoring app and not a File hider app.
    Hider Plus battery meter
  • When you long tap the battery image in the above popup, you will be taken to the Hider software screen, where you have to enter the Password that you had saved on the first run of the application. See the screenshot below to know that how the pincode entering page looks like.
    Hider Plus pin
  • After you have correctly entered the pincode in above step, you will be taken to Hider’s home screen, where you can access the hidden contacts, files, etc. From this page, you can also take a quick tour of this app if you are new to it. This page will look like the following screenshot.
    Hider Plus Home screen
  • To hide images, go to the gallery app on your phone, and click on share image button, and from drop down list, select Battery Plus. This will hide your image from the gallery and now, it will be visible only from Hider Plus after you enter the correct pin code. You can do the same process for other files also. See the screenshot below to know how this is done.
    Hider Plus Hide image
  • As you can see in the below screenshot, my hidden file is visible in Hider Plus.
    Hider Plus hidden file
  • To unhide or delete the file, simply long press and select Unhide/Delete from the popup menu.
    Hider Plus unhide_delete

What I like about this app…

  • Every care has been taken to ensure that privacy is maintained.
  • Provides a bonus battery meter.
  • Has a nice and clean interface.
  • Supports Android 2.2 and above, i.e., supports most of the Android devices currently in the market.

Do note that this is not the only app that can hide files or photos or contacts. We have already reviewed other Android apps that provide one or more of these features, like: Hide It Pro App, File Hide Expert, and Secret Box. However, this particular app is the only one that we have come across that can hide files, photos, contacts, sms, etc. Pretty  comprehensive.

What I don’t like about this app…

  • Heavy on system memory.
  • No option of choosing an alpha-numeric password, as the pin code can consist only of numbers.


Text and File Hider Plus is a must have application on any Android user’s phone, as it ensures complete privacy of your device. Although it has some drawbacks like not allowing to set an alphanumeric password, it still delivers the task of protecting your data fairly accurately.

My suggestion- Download it and try it out!

Get Text and File Hider here.

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Works With: Android 2.2 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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