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Stopwatch Free, as the name suggests, is a free Windows 8 app that provides you with a stopwatch functionality. Complete with all the standard stopwatch controls, this app looks amazingly polished, and looks like a native Windows 8 app from every aspect. The first thought that will cross your mind while using this stopwatch for Windows 8 will be- Wow! It’s so easy to use! The app is exceptionally smooth, and works like a charm! This can easily be one of the best Metro UI stopwatch apps currently available on the Windows Store.

The app offers features like Lap, Start, Stop, and Clear. It has a big digital face which shows you the counts of milliseconds, seconds, minutes, and hours. The app is very accurate, and can easily be used as a replacement for a regular stopwatch.

Stopwatch free is available for free via the Windows app store.

Stopwatch Free

How to use this Stopwatch App for Windows 8?

Using this app is as easy as it can get for any app that there exists! The interface of this stopwatch app is exceptionally easy and straightforward, and even your granny using your Windows 8 machine for the first time can easily operate this app!

Firstly, head over to the Windows Store and install the app Stopwatch Free. When you are done with doing so, simply head over to your Windows 8 Start Screen, and you should see the Stopwatch Free icon there. Fire up the application by clicking on the icon.

When you have opened the application, you should be able to see a screen that looks like the Window below (see screenshot below.)

StopWatch Free

As you can see in the above Window, there is a large digital timer that appears on your screen and there are several controls underneath the timer. These controls are:

  • Start: Starts running the stopwatch timer.
  • Lap: The Lap button is supposed to be pressed when the stopwatch is running. When you click on the Lap button, a lap of the time is recorded of the moment that you clicked the Lap button. The recorded laps are visible at the bottom of the Stopwatch controls.
  • Stop: As the name of this button suggests, the sole motive that this button accomplishes is to stop the stopwatch at any given time. As soon as the Stop button is pressed, the stopwatch timer will stop at that precise moment.
  • Clear: Clears the Stopwatch’s recorded laps, and resets the timer to zero.

When the laps are recorded, and the stopwatch is stopped, the lap-times and the stop-times appear below the controls. (see screenshot below)

stopwatch lap times and stop times

As you can see in the above screenshot, it is clearly visible as to when I started the Stopwatch, when I stopped it, when I started it again, and when I recorded the laps. This feature is pretty nifty to have in case you want to know when you have performed the afore-mentioned actions, or simply to keep track of how much time has elapsed since the last time you pressed the Stop/Lap button.

This is all that you need to know to get started with using this app, Stopwatch Free. You can also check out a similar stopwatch software: Lucky Stopwatch Free for Windows 8.

The Verdict?

Stopwatch Free is a cool app to have if you are looking for a stopwatch app for your Windows 8 device. The ease and simplicity of use for this application simply make it a perfect app, and the bonus eye candy that it offers simply makes it a treat for the eyes.

Get Stopwatch Free.

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