Find Why Video is Not Playing, and Install Missing Codec: Video Inspector

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Video Inspector is a free Windows video that gives information about video files so that you can either correct video problems or get the proper codex to help play videos on your computer system.

This program is very minimalist and skips all the extras to help you get right to the problem of non playing videos. Both audio and video options are on here and all the information will be presented to you as soon as you load the video and hit play. This will also tell you if the correct codec is on your system. You are provided download links to the missing codec so that you can install the codec to your system.

You can also check out missing codec installer, and media player codec pack.


With the Free Video Inspector program, you have quite a lot of features for the program such as being able to burn DVD’s or CD’s (using a paid program CopytoDVD), it also gives you a Four CC Changer, it calculates video quality factor and also lists installed video and audio codecs. There is also a file integrity checker with this program. It also has international support, and has automatic content based container format detection. This is the end of non playing videos and audios.

How to use Video Inspector

Downloading the Video Inspector free Windows software is easy. Simply click on the download link and wait for the program to download onto your computer. Then double click the program icon to install. After installation, simply double click the icon to start the program. This program works with the following Windows OS: Me, 98, 95, XP, 2000, Vista, 7, NT, Server 2008 and 2003. Working with the program is easy and with all the features that are included, you will be able to watch and play all sorts of videos on your computer.

After installing this program, start this, and browse to the video that you want to check. The hit the Play button. Video Inspector will now give you all the info about the video. It will also inspect your system to see if your system has required codecs to play the video. If it does not finds required codecs, it gives you a download link to install missing codec for free. See for yourself how easy it is to use.

Features of Video Inspector:

  • International support
  • Batch File analysis
  • Lists installed video and audio codex
  • Bit rate grapher
  • Displays video stream
  • File Integrity checks
  • Automatic Content based detection of format
  • Four CC Changer
  • Displays both video and audio stream information
  • Displays information about the movie
  • Burn DVD and CD with a paid software (or, you can try a free DVD burner)
  • Container support Quick Time, MPEG I and II, AVI and Matroska
  • Automatic detection for codex
  • Lists codecs that are already installed
  • Video quality is calculated
  • Drag and drop formats

Video Inspector is a useful tool to have if your videos are not playing. It is completely free, and easy to use. If you play videos of lot of different formats, you can use a player like BS.Player, AlShow, and GOM Media Player. These players support most of the common video formats.

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