Free Portable Malware And Rootkits Removal Software: Unhooker

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Unhooker is a free portable rootkits removal tool which you can use to scan your computer for any signs of virus, spyware, and adware infections. Specialty of Unhooker would be detection and removal of the so-called rootkits, which is malware that hides itself on your PC in such a way that the regular Anti-virus software will not be able to detect it and remove it.

Unhooker rootkits removal tool

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Interface of this free rootkits removal software can be seen in the image above. When you first look at it, it reminds a lot on a media player, but in reality this a very advanced portable rootkit scanner and removal tool, which will probably find infections that you didn’t even know you have.

Key Features of this Rootkits Removal Software:

  • Fully automatic detection and removal of both malware and rootkits.
  • Easy removal of any and all infected files that are found.
  • Prevention of sensitive data loss via viruses and fake software.
  • Works even on badly infected systems.
  • Allows other security software to work on your PC.
  • Portable, there’s no installation, run the application from USB.

One of the main traits of rootkits and other similar software would be that they are gonna be preventing normal actuality of your main antivirus software that’s installed on your computer. It can prevent them from being started or turn off updates so that the infection cannot be detected with new updates. Here’s how Unhooker can help in all these situations.

How to Scan For Malware and Rootkit Infections with Unhooker?

Well, like you can see in the image above, the only thing that you can do when you start Unhooker would be clicking on the giant play button which is present in the middle of the screen.

Unhooker scan in progress

The icon is gonna change and the program will now be scanning your computer. There’s no installation, just download and run Unhooker, everything should be working right away. This is very useful on system where installation is blocked. Once that the scan process completes you’ll be presented with the results.

Unhooker scan complete

It’s now up to you to go over the list and check to see just what kind of problems are present on your computer. Select the settings and files that you want to keep, or better if you just leave everything marked and select the Clean button. Once you do that, the application will start removing all the selected rootkits and other types of malware which were found on your computer.


Unhooker is extremely easy to use and it can help you if you have computers which are badly infected, so much of infection that the installed anti-virus software can’t be removed. The fact that this free rootkits removal utility is portable, only makes it even more interesting, because you can use it on the go, from the USB drive, without installation of any kind. It’s very small, just 5MB in size, and it’s detection patterns are very good. Try it and see how useful Unhooker can be.

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