Gold Lock Desktop: Best Freeware to Encrypt your Emails

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Whenever an email is sent, it has to pass through several computers before it arrives at the destination. Thus, anyone than have access to one of these servers will be able to read the content of the email. If you are using a wireless network in a wireless hotspots, this can increase the risk of someone intercepting your email.

Gold Lock Destop is a free email encryption software that encrypts your mail so that no one read your private mails even if they intercept them. Gold Lock Destop is so good that it is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. It offers a military grade encryption for email purposes. In fact, no one has even been able to break the RSA 2048 encryption algorightm that this free email encryption software uses to encrypt your emails.  Gold Lock Destop can directly integrate with your favorite email client so you do not have to do anything special to encrypt your mails.

Gold Lock Desktop enables users to encrypt their emails in one click. It protects important emails from being read by private, government, or military parties. Gold Lock Desktop uses a special key to encrypt the files. The key can be kept in any removable storage drive like USB, and you can encrypt USB drive too for added security.[subscribe-to-us]

To use this Free Email Encryption program, both you and your receiver should have Gold Lock Destop installed. After that, you can share your public key with your receiver by just sending him/her an email with subject as GOLDLOCK. Gold Lock Destop will prompt you to confirm that you want to share your public key. If anyone tries to open your email without your secret key, they will not be able to read anything as it would be encrypted.

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Here are some of the features of this Free Email Encryption Software:

  • Encrypt emails with one click
  • Simple to use
  • Encrypt email with a secret key which can be stored in any removable storage drive
  • Encrypt emails by using the RSA 2048 Bits, and AES 256 Bits algorithms
  • Protects content in email with AES 256 Bits NSA Certificate up to Top Secret level
  • Certified by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.
  • Encrypt the email with RSA 2048 after it had obtained the public RSA key
  • Fully functional and no need to purchase any license to use the software
  • Runs on PC
  • Compatible with Windows XP, and Windows Vista platform

Goldlock Desktop is available as a freeware , and is one of the must tool for small and medium businesses to secure their email communication. If you want to secure your chat communication over Yahoo Messenger, you can use Free BitDefender Chat Encryption Software.

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