Free Car Game For PC To Customize Cars: Dream Cars

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Dream Cars is a free game for PC, where you are required to customize cars for your clients. The sooner you are over with the customization, the better it is.

You play as two sisters: Masha and Dasha. Masha is  the manager of the workshop, who handles the clients, and Dasha is the engineer responsible for the customization.

If you like games like Farmville, Candy Crush, etc.; then you will like this game. If you are a hard core gamer, there are better options.

The download size of the game is 98 MB.

Dream Cars Game

By its name, the game sounds as a car racing game, but it’s not. It opens with a short story about the two sisters who have loved cars for as long as they can remember, but never have they been able to win a car race. So, they’ve setup a tuner shop to help other people perform better in their car races.

Clients come to the sisters for getting their cars customized and pay the sisters for a good job. There is a time limit involved here, however.

If the sisters are able to serve the clients within a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 8 minutes, then the sisters get paid good amount. However, if they take more than 8 minutes, they get squat. They can also buy commodities for your workshop from the earned cash.

Now, it is your job as the game player to control the sisters :) You will control both the sisters. The controller scheme is utterly basic, and the entire in-game controls are via the mouse. For example, to greet the costumers you need to offer them coffee and magazines and above all, get their cars customized as soon as possible. The mouse based control just requires you to click on the coffee vending machine, and then on the client you want to serve coffee. Same goes for things like magazines and stuff. It’s really that simple.

Initially, you are provided with only one model of the car and two color options to color it with. But as you earn money by customizing the cars, you can remove these  limitations and slowly upgrade your garage with more equipment and tuning options.

How to Play Dream Cars on PC:

The installation is nothing to discuss about. The easy installation wizard saves you from all the trouble, launching the game immediately. However, there’s a small window that pops-up every time you exit it.

Step 1: As already mentioned, the game starts with a short story. If you wish to skip the story just press “ESC” button. To start the game, use the “Play” option, put in your player’s name, and you’re all set.

Dream Cars Play Option

Step 2: Next up, there’s a window with trading options, where you can buy stuff for your workshop, but that only works later when you have already earned some amount to help you with the purchases. You start by selecting the “Play Level” option and those two cute looking girls start ogling at you in no time.

Dream Cars Play Level

Step 3: The girls above in clean clothes is Masha, the manager, and the other equally cute looking one is Dasha, the engineer (Though they are both equally cute, I would have really appreciated if they looked like Megan Fox!). Soon you see the two clients entering your workshop (The clients increas as you upgrade your workshop). Offer them coffee and magazine by playing as Masha, and then get started with the car customization by clicking on the car model provided to you on the extreme left side, this time playing as Dasha.

dream Cars Game Window

Step 4: As soon as you click on the car, the customization will start. The customization will actually happen itself; you can just sit back and watch the car getting customized. Once the car customization is done, give it a paint job as per the clients’ orders  (you will be able to see the kind of paint the client desires). To do that, just click on the car, followed by the color that client requires for the car.

Dream Cars Game On

Step 5: The client leaves happily paying you the amount, if you complete the job within 8 minutes. (Actually the money is left by the client on the couch). Click on the money and it gets added your account. Now you can buy anything you want for your shop with the earned cash.

In essence, it’s a small game with not much to do, apart from making the two girls customize the dream cars for their clients and earn money from them. The gameplay is simple and straightforward. The graphics manage to stay good, but are not stunning. Same goes for the background score as well. All in all, it’s quite fun.


  • Easy to play with intuitive controls.
  • Free
  • With new stuff getting unlocked every time, there’s always something you can look forward to.


  • Gets boring in a while.
  • Pretty big in size for a game of such limited features.

My Verdict

The game is “OK” if you don’t have a girlfriend, because in that case it is quite alright if you think of killing some of your “already wasted” time with some virtual but not so cute looking girls. But jokes apart, I truly feel there could have been much more to the game. For example, I would’ve appreciated a race mode in it as well. The game is not so bad, but still not a gamer’s dream. So it gets an “OK” rating from me.

However you can also check out this action horror free game for your PC.

Get Free Dream Cars Here.

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