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MOOVIA is a free, interactive social collaboration tool for Chrome that provides a collaborative environment to communicate among team members of a project. It creates a platform which is as convenient to use as any social network and integrates useful company collaboration tools for sharing files and exchanging ideas among team members of a project.

MOOVIA allows you to create multiple number of projects and lets you invite people to the same. You can add up to 5 members per network/project, and if you wish to add more members you need to upgrade your account, which is a paid facility.

MOOVIA Welcome page

MOOVIA offers a social collaborative environment and provides facilities like chat, wall, and team messaging. It lets you create a private network of team members and allows you to assign any color to it.

This interactive social collaboration tool lets you manage tasks and meetings easily, and allows you to share ideas, links, and variety of documents with your team members. Let’s checkout the procedure to use this interactive social collaboration tool.

How to Use this Social Collaboration Tool:

Getting Started with MOOVIA

MOOVIA is one of the best social collaboration platform that can be accessed using the link provided at the end of this article. As soon as you add it to Chrome and launch it in your browser window, it will ask you to enter the company email-id and allows you to get started for free.

MOOVIA set private network

Once you get started with MOOVIA, it allows you to create a private network, add members to it, and start a project. You can also assign a color to your private network.

MOOVIA invite members

MOOVIA allows you to invite team members to your private network just by entering their respective email-id’s. It lets you add up to 5 members per project. To add more member to your project, you need to upgrade your account to the paid version.

MOOVIA project wall

When you open your MOOVIA account, you will get a feel of using a social network, rather than a traditional company collaboration platform. In fact, the interface of the app looks much inspired with Facebook‘s interface in “Blue” color.

After creating the network, you can start discussing things related to your project with you team members on MOOVIA. Here you can assign tasks to the team members and also schedule meetings. The network project wall allows you to have text chat, group chat (via team messaging feature), and share wall messages. It lets you to share links, documents, or ideas, and allows communicating in a better way. The wall displays the number of added members and shows the total work places involved in the project.

MOOVIA network settings

The “Network Settings” option lets you edit the network name and allows you to add custom logo of the company or upload a private network icon of your choice.

MOOVIA add members

At the same time if you wish to add members to your network, you can click on the name of the company icon displayed above the “Workspaces” option and conveniently add members by clicking on the “Add Members” button.

MOOVIA workspaces

MOOVIA allows you to create workspaces for members belonging to the same department (or having same designation). You can write a short description and upload or change the image of the workspace, accordingly.

MOOVIA workspace customization

Once your workspace is created, you can hover your mouse on its name and add a list of tasks by clicking on “Add List” button. This section offers the most customized features that lets you manage your tasks and meetings accordingly. It also allows you to copy any particular task to another workspace with the help of “Clone” feature.

The customization features allows you to add multiple number of tasks to the project and lets you manage your meetings. Not only that, it also lets you share ideas with the team members. Google Docs integration is also provided so that you can easily share any document with the team members.

MOOVIA Gantt Chart

It displays the tasks to be performed in form of a “Gantt Chart”, where it shows the status of each task that is completed, overdue, ongoing, or unstarted with their respective color demarcation.

MOOVIA mytodo

To view all your tasks and meetings in brief you simply need to click on the “myTodo” option, and it will show the entire schedule in an easy to read format. You can also write notes here, if required.

Features Of MOOVIA:

  • Free, interactive social collaboration tool for Chrome.
  • Creates multiple number of private networks.
  • Team members can access MOOVIA online from anywhere and collaborate in real-time.
  • Offer features like network wall, personal messages, and chat.
  • Exchange knowledge, ideas, links, documents, etc.
  • Allows you to manage projects and other tasks in workspaces.
  • Provides Google Docs integration.
  • Offers Gantt Charts to view task status instantly.

Some other free enterprise social networks we reviewed earlier include Yammer and SocialCast.

My Verdict for MOOVIA:

MOOVIA is one of the best online social collaboration app that allows you to create multiple number of private networks that means you can work with team members on as many projects as you wish. It lets you collaborate with team members in the real-time and easily communicate with them on projects you are working on.

Grab MOOVIA from here!

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Works With: Google Chrome
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