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Socialcast is an enterprise social networking site for companies and organizations. It lets you share files, post polls, ask opinions, and share links within employees of your organization. You can also send private messages, share public posts, share updates, and much more. To use Socialcast, you need to have a company email address; you can’t use it with a Gmail or any such email address.

Socialcast is completely free for up to 50 users. Above that, you can go for paid version.

Socialcast apps are  available for desktop, iOS, Android, iPad, and Blackberry devices. So, the employees can stay connected on any platform that has an internet connection.


Get Started With This Enterprise Social Networking Site:

This enterprise Social Networking site is Free to use and is used for private communication in an organization. The Free version is available for 50 members only, so small organizations can live with free version itself. If you would like to have a bigger social networking site then try Yammer or Lumoflow: Enterprise Social Network.

Though the number of members is limited, the options available are huge. You can get started by just signing up in the homepage as shown above in the screenshot. You just have to enter your official email address or else it won’t work. Normal Gmail, Yahoo or hotmail id’s won’t work here. You have to enter your company’s email address; like [email protected].

If any of your company members have already registered in this site, then you will get connected to them; else you have to create the network. A mail will be sent to your official email; to activate your Socialcast account. After clicking on the link given in your email, you will get an option to invite your other colleagues also to Socialcast by providing their official email address. Then you will be asked to enter your profession and create groups, if required.

Home Stream:

The home stream appears when you open your account and you will be greeted with a welcome message to the site. The home stream shows the updates, files posted, ask a question, poll, and share a link. These posts can be flagged or hidden according to your convenience.

  • Share an Update: This option lets you share updates and attach files. Your colleagues can reply to your updates or “Like” them.
  • Ask a Question: You can ask a question and you can start a poll on it. Then your colleagues can vote to share their views.
  • Share a Link: You can share a link and write about it. You can also tag and attach files to this post.
  • Send Thanks: You can send thanks to your colleagues in different ways. There are many varieties of sending thanks; but only three per week. This limit can be modified by the admin.


Socialcast home


You can visit profiles by clicking on the name of the employee. There you can view the employee’s activity, info, files they have posted and thanks they have received. There you can send a private message, ask a question or send thanks directly. You can also see the groups they have joined and files they posted. In your profile you can see the number of followers and the number of people you are following.

socialcast profile


The Socialcast groups can be viewed by clicking on the “Groups” option available on the left side of home screen. You can create your own groups or join other groups. Alphabetical order of all the groups are listed here. You can join or leave groups from here only.

socialcast groups

Admin Options:

Admin rights can be claimed by clicking on an admin option available on the right. Once it is clicked by a member then he becomes the admin. The admin options are huge. You can see the stats of individual employees as well as groups. You can see the trending topics, conversations and adoption stats. You can customize themes, apps, instructions and many more. You can integrate this socialcast with your email also. You can even send a broadcast message to all the employees at a time. You can edit almost every option available on the socialcast website. This is something that I really miss in Yammer.

socialcast admin

Socialcast Apps:

The apps are available for free download. After installing them you need to enter the domain as named in the URL of the website(generally the name of your website; like Then you need to enter your login and password.

Desktop App: For installing desktop application you will need to have Adobe Air; or else it will be downloaded and installed automatically. In this desktop app you can share updates directly. You can view home stream, files, links,flagged, private messages and groups. You can Download the app here.

Mobile App: In the mobile apps you have additional options like you can view company members, followers also. You can use socialcast on Blackberry: Download App for Blackberry, iPhone: Download App for iPhone, iPad: Download iPad App, and Android: Download App for Android.

socialcast apps

This Social Networking site for companies is available for free for small companies only. The options available in free version are sufficient for a small organization. Visit the Socialcast Homepage and know more.

So, do you use an enterprise social network? Which one do you use? Let me know in comments section below.

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