5 Free Enterprise Social Networks

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Here are 5 Free Enterprise Social Networks that are useful for companies and employees to stay connected. Through these enterprise social networks, the employees and teams can collaborate on their work. They can stay connected even when they are on a break; and can contribute to the work progress. Employees can post updates, schedule events, and much more in these business social networks. Some of these networks support mobile platforms also; so the employees can stay connected virtually through their mobiles also.



Yammer is an enterprise social network; where all the employees of an organization can stay connected. Yammer is also called Facebook for business. You just have to sign up with your company email id and you will get a confirmation mail in your inbox. After you click the activation link in the mail, you can get started with Yammer.

In Yammer you can post updates, add files, upload photos, post polls, chat with an instant messenger, praise others, and much more. You can create and join groups of your interest. Yammer is also available as desktop application and mobile application for: Android, Blackberry, and iOS.

Yammer has been purchased by Microsoft early this year. There is a paid version available; but the options available in free version are sufficient for any business networking.

Read more about Yammer here and to join Yammer Sign up here.



Socialcast is a good Enterprise Social Network for employees and companies. All you have to do is to sign up with your company email id and check for the confirmation mail which will be sent to your mailbox.

In Socialcast you can share posts, add files, ask opinions, and share links. You can create and join groups of your interest. There is no instant messenger available in this enterprise social network. Socialcast apps are available for desktop, Android, iphone, iPad, and Blackberry.

Socialcast offers admin rights also to monitor stats of individual employees, groups, to change theme, keep a logo, and much more. But Socialcast is free for up to 50 members only. So, small business organizations can use this networking for business.

Read about Socialcast here and open your account through Sign Up here. Also check out our comparison of Yammer and Socialcast.


Chatter signup

Chatter is a simple Business Social Network where you can stay connected with your colleagues. Just sign up with your company mail id and a confirmation mail will be sent to your email. Click on the activation link and you will join the network.

In Chatter you can upload files, share updates, post links, and chat with your colleagues. Chatter is available for mobile platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. Chatter is also available as a desktop app.

Chatter is a simple social network for business. Though a paid version is also available, the free version is sufficient for staying connected with your colleagues.

Read more about the review on Chatter here and Sign up here.


clearvale signup

Clearvale express is a free private social network for companies and organizations. Clearvale is a business social network where you can connect with your colleagues and collaborate on your work. Sign up for Clearvale and invite your colleagues to get started.

Clearvale also allows you to share updates, post files, create communities, and much more. Clearvale apps are available on Android and iPhone to stay connected with your colleagues. No desktop application is available. Clearvale doesn’t have a chat option to chat with your colleagues.

Clearvale provides 1GB space for its users. A paid version is also available named Clearvale Enterprise; which has more options but the free version is sufficient for business social networking.

You can read the review on Clearvale here and Sign up here.


bitrix 24Bitrix24 is another enterprise social network which is free for only 12 users. You can login with any email account and invite your colleagues to join your company network.

Bitrix24 allows its users to share files, post photos, videos, share links, and you can also chat with your colleagues. No mobile apps are developed for this enterprise social network.

Bitrix24 has many cool features. There is a paid version also; for unlimited members. If your company has more than 12 members in your company then you can go for paid version.

Read more about Bitirx24 here and sign up for Bitrix24 here.

All the enterprise social networks mentioned above are very nice, and all of them come with decent free options. At time of writing of this article, we are using Yammer in our office to stay connected, and just love it. If you are planning to roll out an enterprise social network for your organization, I suggest you first try out each of these with a small set of users, and see which one works best.

Let us know your experience  in comments.

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