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FaxBetter is a free online fax service where you can set up a toll-free number and then receive faxes on it, over the Internet and without actually investing and buying a fax machine. With the help of FaxBetter, you’ll be able to receive faxes like you are receiving emails. You get an Inbox where all the faxes that you receive are gonna be saved.

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Like you can see from the image above, we weren’t lying when we said that this is just like email, only for receiving faxes. On the left you get the standard Inbox, Sent Faxes, Trash folders. Unfortunately, even though you get the Sent folder, which would imply that you can also send faxes, free accounts are only limited to receiving them. There’s also a limit of 20 pages per month which you can send.

Some Important Features of FaxBetter Free Online Fax Service:

  • Free toll-free number, you get a free number after registration.
  • Receive up to 20 pages worth of faxes each month, upgrade for more.
  • Faxes are received as PDF documents with previews and quick download.
  • Just like email you get Inbox, Trash, Sent folder.
  • Create your own labels for managing received fax messages.
  • Email notification, receive notification via mail when fax comes in.
  • Find tool for quickly finding faxes that you need.
  • Enough storage for storing up to 1000 pages of faxes.
  • Simple to use and setup, you just need to register on the website.

You might now be thinking, who needs faxes when there’s email, Dropbox, and so on. Well believe it or not, but there are still a lot of people without broadband Internet access, who are lucky if they have a phone line. It’s mostly in rural areas, and in those kind of situations, sending a fax is still very practical. If you need to receive those fax messages, that’s exactly where FaxBetter can help out. Here are few pointers to help you get started.

How to Receive Faxes with FaxBetter?

After you’ve registered and logged into your FaxBetter account, look up in the right corner of the control panel. There you should see your fax number listed. This fax number is the number that you need to give to your contacts. They need to send faxes to that number, this is the toll-free number that you get.

FaxBetter inbox shown

Make sure that you refresh your Inbox, to check if the fax which has been sent to you actually arrived. Do it by clicking on Inbox. Each fax that you receive will be shown on the right. They’ll have thumbnails, which should make finding the one you need more easier. If you have a lot of faxes stored, use the Find tool at the top or labels to group them according to type, importance, and so on.

FaxBetter fax received


Notice in the image above that we now have two faxes. For testing purposes we sent one from free online service for sending faxes, Faxorama. Everything worked and it was super fast. If you don’t need to receive a lot of faxes, give FaxBetter a try. Free service.

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