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Pearltrees is a free online social network for sharing interesting content that you find online. It allows you to easily share and create pearls which represent interesting web pages, videos, images, applications and tools that you find on the Internet and decide to share with others within the Pearltrees community. Pearls can be arranged into groups that are called trees, hence the name Pearltrees.

PearlTree default window

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After you register to the Pearltrees social network, you will see the main control panel of Pearltrees which is shown on the image above. Starting from the top, you have options for accessing your pearltrees, related pearltrees and to add pearls. On the right you have a button for checking what’s new, what was posted by your contacts, notifications, search bar and the settings button. Next, there is a large empty area where you will see interesting web content that you decide to share. In that empty area, at the top left we see the small window where all of your data is shown. And at the bottom of the web page we have the Pearler button, which is basically a built-in web browser application for sharing content, Share, Customize and Privacy buttons which in free mode only redirects you to the Premium account.

Some of the key features of Pearltrees are:

  • Free and simple to setup – registration is done in just a few clicks
  • Ability to create content and organize them into trees with the help of “pearls”
  • Access to the Pearltrees community and ability to explore other user’s pearls
  • Browser addons and iOS apps from iTune are available for quick sharing

How to share interesting web content with Pearltrees

To add and share interesting content simply click on the Add pearls button from the top left corner. In the same location, where your information is shown, you will see that new options are now available. You now have the ability to make a new pearltree, webpage, note or a photo. Each of these categories has its own set of options. Select a new pearltree. After you choose a category you want and add a new pearl, it will be connected to your account. Clicking on the created pearl, text, image, video, it can be anything, will open it in a new window where you will be able to preview it, or if it’s a web page, you can visit it.

PearlTree created pearls

If you want to browse the Pearltree community for shared content of other people, start by searching what interests you with the search bar or by clicking on the Related Pearls button. If you click on that button, your screen will look similar to the image below, where you can adjust which pearls you want to view.

PearlTree sharing content


Pearltrees is a very different social network than all the others which you, in all probability is already using. It works very fast, it’s easy and it even has the ability to share pearls with other users on other social networks.

It is also different in the sense that it feels more like an operating system rather than a social network, which is a bit refreshing. and like we already said, interesting. Free service.

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