5 Free Websites To Store Recipes Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to store recipes online. You can store as many recipes as you want on these websites, and access them from wherever you want.

Lately, the Internet has very swiftly moved into our kitchen and lot of things can now be done online. For instance, there are websites that introduce you to a community of professional chefs and learn different recipes from them. There are also websites that help you in preparing a shopping list of items to buy, count your calories, and more. Thus, a website to store your recipes seems to be a very obvious addition to this list. You can eliminate all complexities of writing recipes on paper, preserving them, etc., and access these online recipes from anywhere.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are Noodles, Cucumbertown, One tsp., Pepperplate, My Recipe.Kitchen.


store recipes online

The first website in this list to store recipes online is Noodles. All the recipes that you choose to keep on this website are stored in your personal account, that you create by signing up. You can choose to keep these recipes private or can make it public by sharing the link. Other people on the website, or visiting the website can then view your recipe. You can also edit the recipes anytime, and also share them on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The website has a “Cook mode” that acts as a guide while cooking any of the saved recipes. There is an icon to switch-on this mode and after that you will be taken through the entire recipe while you can keep cooking side by side. You just have to select the recipe you want to cook. There are a few other features and limitations as well of this website that you can read from here.


store recipes online

Another website, to store recipes online is Cucumbertown. This actually acts as a social networking platform for all the chefs and people who are in habit of cooking. It lets you write your recipes and publish it for other users of the website. You can also share it on Pinterest and Facebook. After you have published your recipe, other users and chefs can comment on it, rate it, and more. If you feel some changes need to be made in a particular recipe, you can go ahead with it and the changes you make, will be automatically saved. Thus, all your recipes remain in your account as posts and you can access them anytime you want.

There is also another facet of this web site. While you can write down your own recipes and share it with public, you can also access recipes put up by others. You can filter recipes by cooking time, popularity, etc. and also set your diet style to get easy to access the most suitable recipes. There are various chefs on the website as well and you can follow them, or request a particular recipe.

Read more from here.

One tsp.:

store recipes online

One tsp. is one more option available to your for free to store recipes online. You can store as many as 150 recipes in your account, and if you wish to add more recipes, you can upgrade to the paid version of the website. Once you can create a free account, you can straightaway start adding recipes in the provided space and access them anywhere you want.

While you are adding recipes, there are columns like title, ingredients, description, notes, etc. that you have to fulfill. You can also add tags to your recipes; this makes it easier for you to search for a particular recipe when you need it. All the recipes are stored safely in your account, and you can share them with your friends through email.

The website also allows you to directly import recipes from a different platform. You can simply paste the URL of the recipe, and the website will clip it for you. You can then access it anytime from your account. The recipes stored in your account can also be used to make a shopping list. Try it out from the link above.


store recipes online

The penultimate website in this list, to store recipes online is Pepperplate. There are 4 different tabs you will find in your account once you sign up: Recipes, menus, planner, shopping. Menus and planner tabs help you in designing your meals and planning your diet chart respectively. You can add dishes to your menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also plan what you are going to eat on a particular day, and save all this information in your account.

The shopping tab lets you create a shopping list out of your recipes and carry it with you to a supermarket. Finally, the recipes tab, obviously, allows you to add multiple recipes to your account by filling in various columns. You can also import recipes from another website, or manually add one. The recipes in your account can be put into various categories, so you do not face any difficulty while finding one. Lastly, you can also share your recipes with others on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

My Recipe.Kitchen:

store recipes online

The fifth and final place to store recipes online, according to this article, is My Recipe.Kitchen. You are introduced to a very touching message on the home page of the website, reading which a part of me cried, to be honest. However, sticking to its features, it is a very plain website where you can simply write down and store your recipes.

There is no limit in terms of number of recipes you can store, and they remain your personal property & cannot be seen by others until & unless you want them to see it. There are some basic columns like tag, instructions, title, etc. that you need to fill, and the option to add photo is a real bonus; I feel it gives your recipe a complete look.

On the home page of the website, you will find some featured posts by some professional chefs. Go through these recipes, and see if you find something to suit your taste. Overall, this is a simple website with limited features.

All in all, all these above-mentioned websites come to you as a handy replacement for all those handwritten recipes that need to be kept in a safe place and be looked after all the time. Not only are you saved from the troubles of keeping them safe, you are also provided with additional options that enhance your repository as a chef by introducing you to some new recipes. Try them out, select your personal favorite, and let us know about it.

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