5 Free Websites To Learn Italian Cuisine Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn Italian cuisine online. You can learn famous Italian recipes like Pizza, Pasta, and many other interesting dishes for free.

We all foodies owe  a big thank you to Italians. After all, this place has introduced us to some mouth-watering dishes, Pizza being top on that list. Like other regions of the world, Italians have had their own flavor and  techniques when it comes to food, and they have managed to impress a lot of people around the world with it. But till now we have only tasted and gulped these Italian dishes; How about we learn to cook these dishes as well? These websites mentioned below will provide you with free recipes of various Italian dishes. You can try them out in your own kitchen and become a master.

The websites reviewed in this article are Cookingchanneltv, Italian Food Recipes, Lidia’s Italy, ROUXBE, and Italian Food Forever.  


learn Italian cuisine

Cookingchanneltv is the first website in this list to learn Italian cuisine online. You will find a list of over 100 traditional Italian recipes divided into two different categories, on this website. These two categories are:

  • Antipasto meaning “before the meal” and;
  • Primo meaning “First  course”.

You will find recipes like Grilled vegetable salad, Margherita Pizza, Spaghetti, and many more dishes divided in these two categories. The recipes, as expected, provide you with information about all the ingredients and directions. You can also print or email these recipes if you want.

The recipes available on the website are prepared by different chefs and you can rate or review them based on your own experience.

Italian Food Recipes:

Italian Food recipes

Italian Food Recipes is the next interesting website in this list with a not so interesting interface. You can learn to make new Italian dishes everyday on this website. On the home page of the website, you will find a new recipe on a daily basis. These recipes provide step by step directions along with images, so that beginners can earn some extra assistance.

Apart from the new dishes uploaded daily on the website, there are four different tabs on the website as well. These tabs have been named Italian Appetizers, Italian First course, Italian Main Courses, and Italian Deserts, respectively. The names of the tab are enough to clarify what all these tabs contain. There are lots and lots of written recipes in these tabs, and you can choose the ones you wish to learn.

Lidia’s Italy:

learn Italian cuisine

Lidia’ Italy is the next website in this list to learn Italian cuisine online. You can learn to cook lots of dishes with the help of free recipes and video tutorials available on this website. The author of this website, ie Lydia, provides you with new tips and lessons on how to cook particular dishes, on a regular basis. The Recipes tab has a lot of recipes to choose from. You can browse through this list, divided into categories, and pick up your favorite. There are recipes with and without images, and both of them are separated from each other. The Video tab also has some important videos for you to look at. These videos contain tips on how to make a particular dish, how to prepare a dough, and much more. You can also subscribe to the newsletter to receive new recipes, and other information, for free.


learn Italian cuisine

ROUXBE is the fourth website that I have included in this list. Basically, this website is an online cooking school where you create an account and learn lots of dishes across various cuisines. But, this is also a nice place to learn Italian cuisine for free  as a lot of Italian recipes are on offer. The recipes provided by the website are both in written form and as video lessons. You can opt the method of learning for yourself.

The main feature of this website is the recipes it provide. They are very descriptive in nature and explain every step in a detailed manner. Images are also available at every step. The video tutorials are also very long and descriptive. Another interesting feature associated with video lessons is that you get to play quizzes, take part in discussions, and more. Every video lesson has a quiz associated with it, wherein you are asked questions related to the dish you learnt in that particular video. This certainly is a very peculiar feature that you do not find often.

Italian Food Forever:

Learn Italian cuisine

Italian Food Forever is the fifth and final website that I have included in this article to learn Italian cuisine online. You will find lessons for your favorite items like pizza, pasta, spaghetti, and many more on this website. The recipes explain how to cook a particular dish in step by step manner. Images are shown at every step, so that you know how your dish should look at the end of that particular step.

The website has one very interesting tab named “Kitchen Tips”. This tab includes Italian ingredients  glossary to help you understand the meaning of all ingredients named in Italian,  Cookbooks that you can refer to, and Substitutions. The Substitutions table provides for substitutes for a particular ingredient in case you do not have it.

So, all these above mentioned websites help you out in learning new Italian dishes without paying anything. Go ahead and try them out one by one. Do not forget to give us your feedback through comments section below.

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