5 Best Free Yoga Apps for Android

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Here is a list of 5 Best Free Yoga Apps for Android. These apps let you learn and practice Yoga right from your Android device. These apps are supported with illustrative images and instruction videos which let you learn the various Yoga postures easily. Our hectic lives already give us minimal time to dedicate to personal fitness, and that’s why these apps can come really handy. You can access textual description and learn about all the postures (also called asana) right within these apps. Scroll down and learn more!

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1. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga app for Android allows you to see and emulate various Yoga poses and courses. Open up the app and you will be shown all the various sections. Some of the Yoga courses are available only in the pro version. Other poses (which don’t have the pro tag), can be learned for free. The app shows apt videos for each pose so that you can perform them after observing. Oh, and one thing, whichever category you go to for the first time (e.g. Yoga for Runners), the app will redirect you to Play Store to download that specific module. Go on, download the app for free from the Play Store. And, you can also head over here to read the detailed review of this app.

2. Yoga.com


Yoga.com for Android is another app for learning various Yoga postures. You can launch the app and choose to either jump to the Yoga ‘Pose Base‘, or Programs. Once you go to a particular Program, you can go to any program, and then tap on the download button to fetch all the Videos, etc. And, specific poses can be accessed directly by tapping on them. You get to see all the poses along with a description. Want to see the related videos for a particular yoga Pose, just tap on the Video icon on top right corner of your screen.

3. Yoga


As is the name of this app, Yoga app for Android is as simple as it gets. All you get in the app is a list of all the poses that are saved in the app. Just tap on any of the Yoga Poses and you will be shown an image with the description. The description is detailed, no doubt. But, if you were searching for any apps which could give you Video representation as well, you should look somewhere else. And, for beginners, at the end of each of the description pages, you will also see a ‘Note‘ button to get more tips. The app is simple, easy to use, and light-weight as well. Head over to the Play Store to download it now!

4. Yoga for Health

Yoga for Health

Yoga for Health is another app which has numerous Yoga poses to choose from. On the app’s start screen itself, you will find various categories of Yoga postures in a grid layout. You can also use the grid icon on the top left of your screen to switch to list view for seeing all the Yoga poses that the app offers. Jump to a category, simply tap on any Yoga pose, and you will be shown an illustrative picture along with the textual description. Once opened, you can also switch to another Yoga pose just by tapping on the arrow button at the bottom. Do note, that even though the Play Store Listing of the app states the name as ‘Yoga for Health‘, the app will appear on your Android device named as Daily Yoga.

5. Complete Yoga Guide

Complete Yoga Guide

Complete Yoga Guide is another app which offers something extremely simple and bare-bones. Open the app, and you will just see a list of all the ‘types’ of Yoga for achieving different things like Relief from Asthma, Back-pain, eye-strain, etc. Open up any Yoga type and you will be shown all the types of Postures (or asana), along with other tips or details in certain cases, that can help you in achieving that (e.g. the 2nd screenshot above is of Yoga for Diabetes). You can get this app for free from the Play Store.

That brings me to the end of this list of 5 Best Free Yoga Apps for Android. Did you try the postures? Don’t forget to share your comments below!

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