4 Free Yoga Apps For iPhone

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Here is a list of 4 free yoga apps for iPhone which you can use to do yoga anytime without any need of yoga trainer.

Yoga is an ancient method of attaining relaxation, peace of mind and body which was originated in ancient India. From its beginning to the modern world, yoga still holds its unique place which is irreplaceable. In earlier time, most of the people used to do yoga to attain peace and health. But with changing time, no one has time to do yoga or any other health practices. Even if someone wants to exercise, then it is difficult to find a good yoga teacher or it is difficult to attend regular classes because of hectic work schedules. So, I am presenting you with 4 free yoga apps for iPhone which can prevent you from worrying about sparing the time out for the classes. You can simply use these apps whenever you have time and start doing yoga.

1. Daily Yoga:

Daily Yoga

The first yoga app for iPhone is Daily Yoga. It is the app of popular health website dailyyoga.com and brings yoga for various body parts. You can sort all the yoga sessions on following basis: Body Part, Weight Loss, and Yoga Skills. Each of the yoga session is divided across 3 parts: Casual, Moderate, and Intense. Each of the yoga session describes about itself and its benefits including the steps for performing yoga. You can also add any yoga session to iPhone calendar as an event by mentioning the title, start/end date, repeat, alert, second alert, and availability. The app even provides the tool for sharing any yoga session on Facebok, Twitter, and mail along with option of adding sessions to your favorites. You can also link your Facebook account with the app to participate in forum discussion and ask any question.

Get Daily Yoga here.

2. Yoga STRETCH Lite:

Yoga Stretch Lite

The second yoga app for iPhone is Yoga STRETCH Lite. In this app, each of the yoga session is accompanied by an audio recording which explains you how to perform the yoga along with the name of sage. This app displays all the yoga sessions in a consecutive manner so if you don’t want to do any particular yoga then you can simply skip it by tapping on next option. If somehow you had to leave the session in the middle then you can either choose to pause or completely leave the session. The app doesn’t support any sharing options or bookmarking the sessions as favorites.

Get Yoga STRETCH Lite here.

3. Yoga Trainer Lite:

Yoga Trainer Lite

Yoga Trainer Lite is the third yoga app in the list. It is a very unique and impressive app as it explains all the yoga sessions in text as well as with audio recording. You can choose any method as per your choice while learning any yoga session. The app even lets you add notes to any yoga session. All the yoga sessions are categorized under different categories like: Advanced, Arm Balance Series, Back Series, Beginner Series, Bikram, Core Series, etc.

The app also has video guides for some of the yoga sessions. You can even make your own sequence of yoga sessions so that you don’t have to go through all the yoga sessions again and again. Apart from all these, it has 8 specific courses related to yoga like: Introduction to Yoga, Daily Warmup Yoga, Sun Salutation Series, Yoga for Abs, etc.

Get Yoga Trainer Lite here.

4. Yoga 101:

Yoga 101

Yoga 101 is the first installment app in the series of Yoga Flow 102 and Yoga 103. While the later two apps are paid ones but this app is completely free. This app consists of 7 yoga session with video tutorials. The included yoga sessions are: Easy Seated Pose, Ujjayi Breath, Cobra, Stepping Forward, Sun Salutation A Stepping Back, Standing Poses, and Sun Salutations A. Besides this, the app has one 14-minute video tutorials which the app developers claims that it depicts the most famous practiced yoga style in United States.

Get Yoga 101 here.

Here I conclude my list of 4 free yoga apps for iPhone which you can use to perform and learn yoga sessions. Try out these apps to learn different yoga sessions and don’t forget to share the name of the app which you liked the most.

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