Firefox Extension to Highlight Important Text on Webpage: Permarker

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Permarker is a free Firefox extension to highlight important text on webpages. It is like a permanent marker for webpages, so that you can highlight anything on a webpage. And whenever you open that webpage again in Firefox, you will be able to see that highlighting.

This extension is very simple to use. Once you install the extension, you just need to select the text on webpage, right-click, and then choose “Highlight”. The selected text will be highlighted. It marks the text permanently and the highlighted text will appear every time you open the page. Just like the permanent marker, you can’t remove the highlight from texts once marked (I consider it a bit of shortcoming).

Utility of this extension is limited to marking of the text. It would have been better, if the extension also provided the feature of text bookmarking (like:


How to Highlight Important Text on Webpage:

You can follow the link available at the end of this review to install Permarker extension on your Firefox browser. Installation in simple and does not even requires restart.

After the installation of the extension, you can start highlighting the text on webpage. To highlight the text with marker, select the text, then right-click on the selected text and then choose “Highlight” option.

Permarker Right-Click menu

You can highlight as many different texts as you want on the same page with this extension. The steps remain the same for them.

The selected text will be permanently highlighted in light Yellow color, and now whenever you will open that page, the text will appear highlighted.

Something that I seriously missed with this extension was the option to cancel the highlight from the text. Any text that marked once with the extension remains highlighted permanently. Also, there is no option to change color as well; all the highlighting is done in Light Yellow color only.

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My Opinion on Permarker:

There are many competitors for Permarker (like Wired Marker), that can highlight text in different colors on the same page, and also let you bookmark the text. This extension appears way too simple to use, when we already have so many other feature rich alternatives available. With this extension, you get only one marking color and that is also not customizable. Permarker requires some more features in the future version. At least the option to cancel the highlight must be there.

Despite limited set of features, Permaker scores high on simplicity. Just highlight the text and mark it. No need to create any account; just visit that webpage again to see highlighted text. If you believe in the power of simplicity, Permarker deserves a try.

Get Permarker Extension for Firefox here.

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