Baby Development Tracker: Free Online Baby Growth Tracking Service

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Baby Development Tracker is a free web service where you can register and keep track of your child’s development. Every baby, as it grows, goes through stages where it will be learning how to hold its own head, how to crawl, walk and so on. Free online baby development service offered by the Baby Development Tracker can also be used when you are pregnant to keep track of your pregnancy, learn about what you might expect and ultimately how to make sure that your baby comes alive.

Baby Development Tracker default window

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Image above is the default interface that waits for you after registering with the website. You’ll have to go through a standard profile setup where basic information about your little one is collected. Only date of birth and name, if you happen to know what it will be.

Key Features of Baby Development Tracker:

  • Keep track of your baby’s growth during the first year of life.
  • Pregnant women can also register and learn about what to expect.
  • Health and safety information included for children and mothers.
  • eMail newsletters are available with latest child growth info and news.
  • Free registration, social network logins are possible.

Baby Development Tracker is a valuable service for both those who are expecting to have a baby, as well as those who have already given birth can find out about all the different changes that their baby will go through. Here, are few steps to get started with Baby Development tracker.

How to Keep Track of your Baby’s Progress and Development with Baby Development Tracker?

After you finish setting up your account, you’ll be greeted with the window which can be seen above. Notice the red Pick A Week button, there you will have to pick a week in which your baby is. All the way to the right you can switch to months.

Baby Development Tracker days health safety info

When you select the week or month in which your baby is, or the week/month of pregnancy, down below the information will change. First tab called Your Growing Baby is gonna show you information about the changes that are happening to your baby during the time that passed and also in the future.

Baby Development Tracker tools

By opening the third tab you’re gonna be presented with various different information and also additional info about the growth of your child, what the baby should be doing when you take into account the age of the child.


Baby Development Tracker is a great online service which you can use to check and see the growth of a child. Information offered is divided up onto weeks or months and it’s perfect for all those who are interested in knowing what their baby should be doing, and also for all those who would like to be informed on various different ways to improve the growth of the baby. Click here to try Baby Development Tracker.

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