Free Jigsaw Puzzle Game With Different Puzzles, Hint, Change Number of Pieces

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Holidays Jigsaw Christmas is a free jigsaw puzzle game for PC, that is fit for all ages. It is one of those classic puzzle games, that can be played anytime. The game will definitely not waste your time, figuring what you have to do. You have to arrange the pieces, to shape into the image that is shown to you.

It’s a relaxing jigsaw puzzle, that has 100 beautiful jigsaw puzzles to choose from. This jigsaw puzzle software lets you customize the difficultly level of puzzles by choosing number of pieces that you want to join (number of pieces that can be chosen vary with each puzzle; I was able to see minimum number of pieces as 15 and maximum pieces above 400).

The download size of the game is just about 31 MB.

Holiday Jigsaw Christmas

Every one of us has played jigsaw puzzle, at least once when we were kids. Jigsaw puzzles are something that can be played all by yourself, or with complete family; they are equally fun in either case.

Gameplay of Free Jigsaw Puzzle Game software:

The winters have fallen, snow capped houses are singing “Ho-Ho-Ho”. It’s Christmas time, and Santa is home, and he has brought 100 beautiful pictures in the form of puzzles for you to play. So, get the fire going, and have fun trying to solve all the hundred jigsaw puzzles.

Holiday Jigsaw Christmas Game Interface

The game offers you hours of gameplay, trophies to collect, 100 jigsaw to solve, and much more. It’s a fun and relaxing jigsaw puzzle game, that aims at delighting many jigsaw lovers.

Holiday Jigsaw Christmas Puzzle Completed

As we all know, jigsaw puzzle is a pretty straight-forward game to play. The basic gameplay is: you have a picture, the image is divided in number of pieces, and you are required to join all those pieces to make the picture.

But, Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle adds some interesting variations in this classic game. In this game, you get an option to choose among different type of puzzle pieces shapes (there is just a slight variation in them).

Holiday Jigsaw Christmas Puzzle Pieces Shape Changed

Also, you can choose different number of pieces.

Holiday Jigsaw Christmas Number Of Pieces Changed

The game also provides couple of options to ease your task, by providing hint etc., which I will discuss later.

How to Play Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle:

The game playing strategy of Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle game is very easy.

After launching the game , you are required to choose your own puzzle from a book of around 100 puzzles.

holiday jigsaw christmas puzzles

You can edit the settings of Puzzles here. You can choose number of pieces as well as shape of pieces, as I discussed earlier. In addition to that, you can also choose if the pieces should be rotated or not.

If you are just beginning with Jigsaw puzzles, then I suggest you keep rotation off, and choose less number of pieces, so as to keep complexity low.

Holiday Jigsaw Christmas Modify Pieces

Once the game starts, you will be able to see your jigsaw puzzle.

You need to rotate the pieces (if you chose Rotate on), and then drag and drop them to other pieces, in to join them. However, if the pieces do not fit, then they won’t join with each other. You earn points for joining them properly.

Some Options That This Game Provides to Keep Things Easy:

The developers of this game have provided some interesting options to help you complete jigsaw puzzle, even if you get stuck. You can access all these options via icons available at the bottom of screen (I have highlighted them in screenshot below).

Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles Icons Highlighted

  • The first icon is to see the image that you are trying to complete. If you get stuck somewhere trying to remember the original image, just click on this icon.
  • Second icon also shows the original image, but instead of showing the image as a pop-up, it shows the image in the background. This helps you in relatively positioning the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle together.
  • Next icon is magnifying glass. If you chose to have lot of pieces, then you can use this option to see a magnified view of smaller pieces.
  • Next option is to see border pieces. It is a well know trick in jigsaw puzzle games to start by first placing border pieces at correct places, as they are much easier to place. When you click on this icon, it will hide all other pieces and show only border pieces. Then you can easily move them to right place.
  • Next interesting option is Hint. If you click on this icon, it will highlight two pieces in the jigsaw puzzle that will fit together. You can then easily fit them together, to reduce the complexity a bit. The best part is that you can take hint as many times as you want.

You can also try this free puzzle game for PC.

Final Verdict

Some things are to be kept as it is, no matter how many ages have passed. Jigsaw Puzzle is one of those game genre, that we might never want to trade with any such modern warfare games. I have played many jigsaw puzzle games till now, but I find this one of the best. The option to easily adjust number of pieces, as well as take hint and see border pieces really set this game apart. If you like jigsaw puzzle games, then definitely give this game a try; you will surely love it.

Get Free Holiday Jigsaw Christmas here.

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