Free Puzzle Game For PC: The Lost Treasure Of Eldorado

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The Lost Treasure of Eldorado is a free puzzle game for PC. The game requires you to complete puzzles at each level. The puzzle is somewhat like the game of “Jewel Quest” where the similar items are to be joined together. Click on an item and while holding the mouse join all the similar items that fall in a pattern. Collect the gold tiles along with the stones by making a chain of two or three jewels to complete the puzzle.

Each level contains many such puzzles; you are required to complete the levels to get a treasure. Creating a long chain of the jewels will get you extra bonuses and help you to increase your score faster. The game interface is quite intuitive, with only your mouse handling the entire game controls. The 9 amazing locations, from the museum of New York to wild jungles of Africa, and the two different modes of game offer you quite a lot.

The download size of game is just around 17 MB.

 Lost Treasure Of Eldorado

About Game Of The Lost Treasure OF Eldorado:

The game starts with a breathtaking story that reminds a bit of Indiana Jones (this is the part that got me excited). Alicia is the love of professor Jack Foster and she is missing after a significant Archaeological find. You are here to lead Professor Jack Foster across the journey of the world. Look for clues, discover lost treasures, and help the professor to find her lost love.

Lost Treasures Of Eldorado

It is a relaxing mine-game with spectacular locales. There are number of levels that you have to cover in order to find Alicia. Each level consists of few puzzles, that you have to complete. It should take you about 5 seconds to understand how to play this game, if you have played the games like Jewel Quest and Candy Crush. There are items engraved on the golden tiles, you have to pick a jewel and then join all the similar jewels that fall in a chain. But unlike Candy Crush or Jewel Quest, the chain should be of 3 or more jewels and they need not be necessarily in a straight pattern. The Pattern can be of any type, but they just have to fall in a chain.

Collect all those golden tiles to end the puzzle and to move to the next level. At the end of each level you get a treasure, that you add to your list of trophies.


 There are two modes of game, namely: “Adventure” and “Relaxed Mode”

Game Modes

Adventure Mode: This is the time based mode. The mode requires you to complete the puzzle in a predetermined time or else you have to repeat the level.

Relaxed Mode: The clock part is removed altogether. You can easily take your time and complete the steps.


The start of the game gives you an adrenaline rush, the excitement to look forward to the game increases. Enter the player’s name, followed by choosing your mode to start off with the game.

Game Mode

You will be seeing the uniquely shaped grids that represent beehive like structure, as it is made up of hexagons. Inside each of these colored hexagons, there are items like lion’s face, pink hands, white flowers, blue gems etc.

Lost Treasures Of Eldorado Game Interface

Click on one of these items and hold on, now move the mouse such that it connects all the same items (at least three of them).

Select The Items

As you release the mouse, those connected items disappear, and you get the points. Basically, you have to collect all those items behind the tiles to complete the puzzle.

Items dissappearing

Each level contains set of puzzles; complete every puzzle in the level to move to the next level. Completing each level gives you a treasure that you can add to your trophies collection.

Apart from this, there are some bonuses that appear in the game. Hourglass adds more time to the game and exploding items remove the nearby objects.

You can also choose to view your trophies in the game from the window that let’s you choose your game mode.

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My Verdict

The Lost Treasure Of Eldorado is a fun “connect-three-in-a-row” game. The visuals of the game add to the charm; different levels of the game and numerous puzzles grab your attention for a long time. Therefore, I rate the game as a “Good” game to work through your puzzles and explore adventure, the Indiana Jones way.

Get Free The Lost Treasure Of Eldorado here.

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