MD5 Hash Generator To Calculate MD5 Hash To Check Integrity of Files

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SX MD5 Hash Generator is a very simple tool that is used to calculate MD5 hash value of any kind of file. It is a useful software to check the integrity of files (specially downloaded files). If you have MD5 hash value of online file, then you simply need to generate hash value of downloaded file using SX MD5 Hash Generator. After that, compare MD5 hash value of online file and downloaded file. If same MD5 hash comes for both files, then you can be sure that downloaded file is accurate and is not corrupted during downloading process, as each file has its unique MD5 hash.

SX MD5 Hash Generator- interface

It is a simple yet handy software to quickly generate MD5 hash of any file. Such as a media file, image, pdf, text file, zip file, or any other file type. However, there is a shortcoming with this MD5 hash generator. You cannot compare hash values of two files directly using its interface. It can generate only a single file’s MD5 hash at a time.

SX MD5 Hash Generator also lets you generate hash value of any text entered by you. It can be used to test whether SX MD5 Hash Generator works perfectly or not. Enter a word or phrase and generate its MD5 hash. After that provide another text and generate hash for that text. You will notice that both MD5 hash values are different, just like visible in screenshot below. But, if you will enter the same text again that you entered firstly, you will find the same value.

SX MD5 Hash Generator- generate hash value of any text

This is one of the useful feature of SX MD5 Hash Generator which is not present with similar tools, like MD5 Checksum.

Key Features Present In This Free MD5 Hash Generator are:

  • You can quickly generate MD5 hash of any kind of file.
  • Generated MD5 hash is automatically copied to clipboard, which you can paste at the required place.
  • A very simple tool to check the integrity of downloaded or transferred files.
  • It is available in portable version as well as an installer. So if you want to keep this MD5 hash generator with you in a flash drive, then use portable version and run it directly.
  • Zip archive of SX MD5 Hash Generator is only 2.6 MB in size.

Note: You would like to check out these feature rich hash generator tools that can generate MD5, SHA1, SHA512, CRC32, etc. hashes of files: CHK, Digital Volcano Hash Tool, and Programmers Calculator. Among these tools, CHK has the facility to compare hashes of two or more files.


SX MD5 Hash Generator is a nice tool to generate MD5 hashes of different file types. But it should provide the feature to compare generated MD5 hashes of two files. This improvement is needed with SX MD5 Hash Generator. If you want to try this MD5 hash generator tool yourself, then tap the link present below:

SX MD5 Hash Generator.

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