LockItTight: Free Service to Recover Lost or Stolen Laptop

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LockItTight is free service which can help to recover lost or stolen laptop. It is exciting service which can help you find your stolen computer. With this service you can actually track the location of your computer, and see activity going on in your lost computer.

It works in this way: You start by installing LockItTight client software on your computer. After that, you will have to sign up for a free account. LockItTight client will send periodic information to the LockItTight server. After that, you can monitor the position of your computer via LockItTight website by logging into your account. With the help of Google Map you can track the location of your computer, and sometimes even the exact spot.


There is computer screen capturing as well. It will capture the computer screen periodically and will send to the server. Assume the thief started browsing on your computer. The websites he browsed will be easily tracked. If he accessed his email that email id can be easily obtained from the screen capture. If he entered other important data that also could be tracked with the help of the screen captures.

Even better, if it is connected to the webcam, the shot will be taken and send to the LockItTight server. This could be very helpful to track the thief with a proof. This could be used as an important evidence to track the thief. The thief might connect to a webcam if you are lucky enough; chances are high for him to use it in the normal mode after few days.

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If your computer is stolen you can login in to your existing account on LockItTight and wait for any of the tracking details. Be it the Google map location details, screen capture details or the webcam shots. Once after having the necessary data you can approach the police station to find the thief.

Also, you don’t need to upgrade the software on your own. Once it is connected with the internet, LockItTight client machine will establish direct connection with the server and upgrade your software automatically. There are many exciting features coming up including keystroke capture and the latest version will be automatically upgraded on your machine.

LockItTight is almost a must software to have on all laptops that have important data. It gives a hope of recovering lost or stolen laptops.

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