Download Desktops – Create Virtual Desktops in Windows

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Desktops is a free software from Microsoft Sysinternals that lets you create up to four virtual desktops. It is very good software for organizing different windows that you open on your system.

The virtual desktops created by this application can let you check your mails on one desktop, one for browsing on the web, and use the other desktop for some other purpose. The best part about Desktops is that it lets you get rid of the clutter of the windows that you are  not using.

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Using Desktops

The application is of 60kb only and you do not even have to install it. Just download the application and it will start running by creating an icon in the system tray on the taskbar.  When you click on it, you will be shown four boxes. In the first box, you will see the image of your current windows, and by clicking in other boxes you can create more desktops. As simple as that.

Desktops is a very effective way to unclutter your desktop.

Here are the features of Desktops:

  1. It is a free application that lets you create up to four virtual desktops. You can  swap desktops by clicking the respective desktop number on the system tray icon of Desktops.
  2. It is a good application for organizing your windows.
  3. A very lightweight application.
  4. To use it, you do not have to go through any installation procedure. The application can be used without installing.
  5. You can keep each desktop for different purpose such as for reading mails, surfing the web, etc.
  6. By clicking on the system tray icon, you can view the preview of the desktops that you have opened.
  7. You can make the application automatically launch from the desktop or by making use of the shortcut keys.

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