OweMeCash: Automatically Send Reminders to those who owe you money

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Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

OweMeCash is a free online debt reminder service that sends reminders to those who owe you money. You just need to provide email address and phone number of those who owe you money, and this free online debt reminder service will send them regular reminders to pay you back your money.

OweMeCash is completely free, and is very easy to use. You start by setting up your free online account. After that, you provide details of the debts that you have given. You provide information about amount of debt you have given, name of person you have given debt to, and email address of that person. You can also choose to provide phone number and cell phone number of that person.


After that, you can choose what type of reminders you want to set. You can choose to send email reminders, or SMS, or even phone reminders. After that, you choose the frequency of reminders. And that’s it.

Then OweMeCash will automatically send reminders to those persons at your defined frequency.

You can also check out free email reminder services like Laytr, NudgeMail, and FollowUpThen.

OweMeCash is a very nice way to send regular reminders to your friends or relatives who owe you money. Some people think it is not polite to send such reminders. I believe that if friends are not polite enough to return the money themselves, it cannot be impolite to ask your own money back.

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