4 Free DMV Practice Test Apps for Android

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In this article I will talk about 4 Free DMV Practice test apps for Android. These apps let you practice for DMV test on Android phone. Most of these apps provide a good number of practice questions for DMV tests. Also, these apps work for all the states, so you can choose the state in which you want to take DMV Drivers License test, and then go through practice questions specific to that state. One of these apps even let you download DMV Hanbook for your state in PDF format for free.

These DMV Practice test apps help you in brushing up your knowledge of DMV rules as well as test if you are ready to take the DMV test.

DMV Driving License Practice Android

Note: 1. These practice apps are not a replacement for official DMV handbooks for your state. Make sure you completely go through the handbook as well as other resources, and not just rely on these apps to practice for DMV Test.

2. Most of these apps have some level of inaccuracy. This could be in rules related to a state, or answer for a question. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to thoroughly test all these apps for each state to find how accurate these are. For this, I have relied on the reviews and comments given by the users of these apps. Based on them, I have tried to keep the ones that users complained less about the inaccuracy. But as I said in my previous point, do cross check these with your official DMV handbooks, and in case of a mismatch, go with what the DMV handbook says. You might also want to supplement your knowledge using Road Signs app for Android.

Do note that these apps are for US only. If you are based out of EU, you can check these EU Road Sign Apps for Android.

DMV Genie Practice Test:

DMV Genie Practice Test is one of the best Android app to practice for DMV Test on your Android phone. This app has practice tests for all the 50 states. The best part is that even though most of such apps come with practice tests for Car Licence only, this includes tests for Motorcycle as well as well as CDL. So, just select the test that you want to take. After that, the app asks you to select the state for which you want to do practice tests for DMV.

The tests are divided into Easy, Hard, and Hardest. These tests cover different areas of DMV knowledge, like, Road Signs test, Signs & Situations test, Fines & Limits test, etc. Each test has around 40 questions, and you are allowed a limited mistakes to mark the tests as passed. Each test shows questions that you have to answer. Each question has 4 possible answer choices and you have to select the correct one. You even get option to take hint. When you select an answer, it tells you whether the answer was correct or wrong, and also gives you some more details about the question. This DMV practice test app stores your progress, so you can anytime come back to the test you were taking and resume from where you left.

DMV Genie Practice Test

There are 3 features of this app that I found especially interesting:

  1. This app has a Challenge question bank. This is the place where all your missed questions go. So, if you gave an incorrect answer to any question in any test, the question will be available here. Later, if you just want to practice the questions that you got wrong, just go to this Challenge bank and go through all of them.
  2. This app also has a Marathon question bank. This is basically the collection of all the questions that this app has for your state. So, instead of going through questions in form of smaller tests, you can go through all of them quickly. This is helpful if you have already completely prepared for the test, and just want to go through all the DMV practice test questions in one go.
  3. DMV Test Simulator: This is another killer feature of this app. It comes with a DMV test simulator that is pretty close to the actual exam. It has same number and format of questions as in the actual exam, and you are only allowed same number of mistakes as the actual exam does. The best part is that you can retake this as many times as you want, and everytime you will get a different set of random questions.

All in all, this is definitely one of my favorite app for Driving Test Practice on Android, and I really wish I had access to this app when I took my Driving Test way back when.

DMV Driver License Reviewer:

DMV Driver License Reviewer is another free Android app to get DMV Practice questions on Android. The app covers Drivers License, Commercial License, as well as Motorcycle License. You can choose your state and then take Practice Tests. There are many practice tests in it, with more than 50 questions in each test. When you answer any question in the test, it tells you if your answer was correct or wrong, and also the correct answer.

DMV Driver License Reviewer

There are 2 features in this app that separate it from the rest:

  1. Spanish Driving Tests: This is the only app in this list that has sample questions in Spanish as well. So, if you are looking for Spanish DMV Practice questions, you can use this app for that. However, the number of questions is much less as compared to number of English questions, but still its a good start.
  2. Download DMV Handbooks in PDF Format: Another very useful feature of this app is that it lets you download DMV handbook for your state. In fact, this is the only app in this list that lets you do that. Just click on the name of your state, and it will start downloading that book in PDF format. You can open the DMV handbook within this app, or any other PDF reader app for Android. Definitely a very useful feature.

Major Problem with this app:

Despite above mentioned advantages of this app, there is a major problem with this app, and that is ads. Now, don’t get me wrong; all the apps in this list are ad supported, but the ads in this app are especially frustrating. There are full page ads that can come anytime. Also, the ads come in a way that you accidentally end up clicking on many of them, even if you didn’t want to. And the ads come too frequently. I understand that ads are a good way to support the app as well as support future development, but this shouldn’t be done in a way that completely takes away the user experience. So, personally, I would use this app for downloading DMV handbook, and maybe review a few sample questions, but nothing more than that.

US DMV Driving Tests:

US DMV Driving Tests is another Android DMV Driving Test app. This has driving test practice questions for Car License, Motorcycle License, as well as CDL. It covers practice tests for all the states. Even though this app claims that it has more than 30,000 questions, but the number of questions for each state are pretty less. For Texas Driving License Practice, only 120 practice questions are provided, divided into 6 separate tests. When you take a practice test, it shows whether the question is correct or incorrect, as well as explanation of the correct answer. At the end of the test, it shows your score.

US DMV Driving Tests

However, there is no way to see history of your score, and no way to practice for specific topics, like, road signs.

DMV Hub:

DMV Hub is another Android app to practice for DMV test on Android. This supports only Car License test. It supports all the states, and as is the case with other apps on this list, you start by selecting the State for which you want to practice for DMV test.

This app has a good set of question bank to practice for DMV. When you are practicing, you start by picking the topic that you want to practice for. The topics include Road Signs, Signal, Speed, Lane Change, Alcohol / Drugs, Traffic, etc. Once you have selected a topic, it shows you all the questions under that topic. There aren’t many questions under each topic, actually. For some topics, it has just a couple of questions. So, this is definitely not an app to get comprehensive knowledge before your driving test, but you can use it to practice for DMV Exam.


To practice, click on the “Start Test” part of the app. It will show you questions with 4 possible answers. When you select an answer, it shows you if the answer is correct or not, but does not gives details of what the correct option is. At the end of the test, it tells you whether you passed or failed. Also, you can take the test multiple times, and it will show you randomly selected different questions. The app has a section called Info in which you can see the tests that you have taken. You can click on any test, and it will show you all the questions of that test, as well as correct answers for those. So, after taking a test, this is where you need to come to see what are the correct choices for the questions that you got wrong.

Now, all that I mentioned above is fine with this app, but what I really found bad about this app is that it forcefully asks you to give it a 5 star rating, and then only you will be able to see all the questions. This actually explains the high rating and high number of reviews that this app has got. However, not many people know that the apps have no way of knowing whether someone has actually given the rating or not. So, when it asks you to give rating, just click on the “Review” button, and it will take you to Play Store. However, you don’t need to do anything there, and can come back to the app, and it would have unlocked all the questions for you :)

I really hope that the app developers remove this forceful asking for the rating; though, seeing number of users they have already fooled into giving them a 5 star rating, I don’t think they would remove this. But now you know how to get around that.


When I thought of writing on this topic related to DMV Practice tests on Android, I thought there would be too many apps that would be available and I would need to test them. But to my surprise, the number of good apps are pretty less. In fact, DMV Genie is really the only full featured DMV Practice tests app that I can confidently recommend. It is not only feature rich, but also provides a very good user experience. Other apps in this list can also be used for practice, but none of them comes close to the features that DMV Genie offers. So, I would say start with that app, and if you feel a need to practice more, then you can try other apps in this list as well.

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